The return of the package holiday

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Package holidays have been around since the 1960s and although they went out of fashion for a while they are making a comeback. They’re especially popular with tourists looking to take the hassle out of organising their trip.


One of the advantages is that tour operators offer customers a complete service, with everything from transport, accommodation and excursions taken care of. There will also be reps in most resorts to offer help, in some cases 24 hours a day.


In addition, most people will find that booking a package deal will work out significantly cheaper, due to the fact that most tour operators can offer discounts which are based on the volume of tourists they handle.


The only real disadvantages of all-inclusive packages are that you might spend most of your time in the resort complex to avoid unnecessary additional expenditure. This can mean that some of the more appealing tourist locations go unvisited because of the additional cost of providing the family with food and refreshments.


But overall we think package holidays are real winners, and here we look at why.


Package holiday costs

At A1, all-inclusive means you will be enjoying convenient holidays at excellent prices: all of the costs you would normally associate with a holiday such as flights, hotel, food, drink and sometimes activities and entertainment are all paid for in advance so you won’t have to worry about a thing.


Meals on package holidays are served at regular intervals throughout the day, allowing you to arrange your holiday around them easily and choose the best meal time to suit you. Vegetarians will be glad to hear that the majority of package holiday resorts provide options that don’t contain meat and those with other dietary requirements need only mention these when checking in to ensure their needs are met.


Entertainment is often included in the cost, but this varies from resort to resort. Guests can take advantage of on-site evening shows, and depending on your destination, free excursions may also be offered, including a wide variety of sports.


And family package holidays often include a dedicated a range of children’s activities, which can keep the kids entertained whilst offering a much-needed break for mum and dad.


Package holiday expertise

Everyone has experienced the good and the bad of overseas dining and nothing spoils a lovely day of sightseeing quite like eating at a restaurant which is below par. When you book an A1 package holiday, not only do you get access to top-quality food from your chosen resort but you also get the expertise, insider tips and advice on where to find the best dining and entertainment.



Most important is the financial protection that package holidays offer against the bankruptcy of a travel company. It is true to say that, as long as we book in the right way, we are better protected now than we have ever been.


Unexpected incidents can strike in the locality and disrupt the best-laid travel plans. In such situations, independent travellers are left with some hard decisions to make, and probably no help to fall back on.


Those on packages, however, can turn to their tour operator, which has a legal duty of care to make sure they are safe, help them resolve problems and make any necessary refunds.

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