Month: November 2013

The Time of Your Life on a Package Deal to Tenerife

Holidays can be great fun, of course, but there is sometimes quite a lot of work to do if you go DIY. First off you need to decide where to go and where to stay. Then there’s the hassle of

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Discover Spain’s main attractions

Spain is Western Europe’s second largest country regarding its surface area. Add to this a FC Barcelona football game, the music, the food, the culture, the flamenco, the bull fights and so many other interesting attractions and you find yourself

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Return to Benidorm: Is It Really Like the TV Series?

You may well be a fan of the perma-tanned show called Benidorm, as seen on ITV. Garish clothes, an overcrowded swimming pool and leery barman Mateo are the epitomes of this hit show, along with loud and lairy hotel guests

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Congratulations ! Another Competition Winner

Competition Winner

We’re very excited to be able to finally reveal the winner of the £500 holiday vouchers for taking part in our short holiday survey …Congratulations!!!  Patricia A from the Midlands We look forward to booking you your best holiday ever!

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No Kids Please We’re On Holiday!

Not all families are alike. Some have children, some don’t. Some children are teenagers: some aren’t. Some children are models of politeness and good behaviour at all times, even when they’re tired, hungry or excited and those are what is

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