Month: July 2014

The Top Reasons That Make Tunisia a Special Holiday Destination

Some people choose to go to the same holiday resorts each year due to the comfort and convenience, but this could mean missing out on some other amazing places around the world, including those that are only a few hours

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Top 3 Places to visit in the Rain

Traveling during rainy season may be difficult and tiring. However, there are some sites that are more beautiful during the rainy season than when it is dry. Many people find it hard to visit such amazing sites in the world

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5 Reasons to Book a Holiday to Fuerteventura

It is that time of the year when your colleagues start disappearing from their desks in the office, only to return in a couple of weeks with a beautiful golden tan. Instead of envying your organised co-workers, you could arrange

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Which Costa del Sol Resort Is The Right Choice For You?

If you haven’t booked your annual sunshine getaway yet, you might want to consider the Costa del Sol. Located in the south of Spain in Andalusia, this region is known as “Coast of the Sun” which is English translation for

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