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Main Image Credit “Big Bad Ben” by Stephen Tierney is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Thousands or Brits are planning to get away during the general election and A1 travel are helping them to do so by providing a range of great

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Looking for the unvarnished Russia? Head to Russia’s Arctic north

Russia is a huge country with a rich and varied history. Unfortunately much of the country has been tainted by a variety of influences and there is little opportunity to experience the old-fashioned, more traditional side of Russia. The north

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Aquis Resorts – Our Review of Their Hotels

The Aquis Hotels and Resorts Company started in Greece. Within 3 years of setting up, the firm were running 11 properties there. Today, they are busy expanding into other popular holiday destinations. This holiday firm is very popular with many

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The Best Kite Surfing Beaches in Europe

Main Image Credit “Kite Surfing” by Neville Nel is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Kite surfing is a phenomenal sport, which is growing in popularity, but if you want to enjoy the sport, you need the right conditions. Fortunately, several great European

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Our Guide to Luxurious Tenerife

Main Image Credit “Tenerife” by dartisan is licensed under CC BY 2.0 For decades, Tenerife had a reputation as a bit of a bucket and spade place. It was somewhere to go if you were on a tight budget, but over the

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