Month: June 2016

Top five things to do in Crete this summer

There are plenty of sun-kissed destinations that are popular during the summer months, but if you’re looking for somewhere that will satisfy your every whim, then Crete is the place for you. Crete is known for its incredible history, ancient

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A guide to Turkey’s best waterparks

When you think of Turkey, exotic landscapes, spices carried across the winds and beautiful garments being sold in markets are what will probably spring to mind. For the thrill-seekers out there though, the Turkish waterpark offering is enough to rival

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Top three free things to do in Tenerife

If you’re exhausted from the daily grind of the working world and you’re looking for a relaxing break in the sun that won’t cost you the earth, then look no further! Tenerife has the answer.   With so much to

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