5 Reasons to Discover Naama Bay on Your Next Holiday to Egypt

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It’s almost time for the schools to break up for the summer holidays, which is a clear sign that it is sunshine getaway season – the point of the year that we all want to escape for our annual trips. If like many people, you have booked, or want to book, a holiday to a destination that you have never visited before, you will likely be searching for more information to get the most out of your trip abroad.


Egypt is a location that attracts many people who are searching for sunshine, a great nightlife and fun times splashing around in the sea. And Naama Bay is one of the up-and-coming resorts that tourists are looking to to make these factors a reality. If you are one of these people, you are in luck. We have five tips that will help you to enjoy your trip to Naama Bay to the maximum…


Go all inclusive

If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, you could consider an all-inclusive holiday in Naama Bay. There is a wide range of choices when it comes to hotels, so you can set your sights on something mid-range in price, or treat yourself with a luxury five star resort. These hotels are often associated with all inclusive packages, where you get all of your local drinks, meals, entertainment and snacks included within the price of your holiday. This means you won’t need to bring as much travel money with you, and you will be free to enjoy each evening without worrying about where to find food.


Learn something new

Naama Bay is the perfect location for you if you want to learn something new when you are on holiday. The most popular activity here is scuba diving, and there are plenty of schools nearby where you can learn safely with an instructor. If you aren’t feeling brave enough to submerge yourself fully underwater, you can still make the most of the amazing sea life by having a go at snorkelling.


Book some excursions

Of course there are other excursions on offer aside from diving and snorkelling. You could book a day trip by horseback, or opt for a guided tour to the Sinai desert. There are lots of lighter activities available too, such as go karting and ten-pin bowling.


Bring your dancing shoes

Make sure that you don’t wear yourself out too much in the day though, as there is much to be said for the nightlife in Naama Bay. There are three main entertainment hot spots in the resort, the busiest being Sultan Qabou Street where there are clubs, bars, restaurants and boutique cafes. For a night out with no expense spared, head to King of Bahrain street where there are some fabulous eateries on offer.


Leave some space in your suitcase

Finally you will want to dedicate some time and money to a spot of shopping, something that is really worthwhile in Naama Bay. Egypt is renowned for beautiful wares, so it is the perfect place to spoil yourself, as well as to pick up a few souvenirs for your friends and family members!


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