5 Reasons Travelling to Turkey in October is so great

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Turkey is a fantastic destination at any time of the year and it is growing in popularity. If you have not been yet we highly recommend that you go and especially recommend that you try it in October.

Here are five good reasons to take a holiday at that time of the year to Turkey.

Great Weather

One of the big draws of Turkey is the weather. In the summer, temperatures reach 39 degrees in the southeastern area, but in the other parts of the country like the Black Sea area temperatures rarely go above 25 degrees in the summer. In the winter, some parts of Turkey get extremely cold with temperatures on the Anatolian plateau drop as low as -30C.

However, in the Dalaman & Antalya regions the temperatures in the winter are much, much warmer. In resorts like Olu Deniz and Marmaris, temperatures in October average 27C. This is perfect weather for Brits looking for a bit of sun and a chance to get away from the greyness of a British autumn.

Huge Discounts Available on Hotel Rooms

The hotels in Turkey are great, they are high quality and regularly updated, so wherever you stay you are going to enjoy great accommodation almost wherever you go or whenever you go. However, if you go in October there is the added advantage that you will pay very little for your hotel room.

It is not difficult to find hotel rooms at a 70% discount in October when compared to what you would pay in July or August. Many people treat themselves and stay in a five star hotel or at a luxury resort.

Cheap Airfares

Getting there in October is far cheaper. You can find flights at 50% of what you would have to pay if you were to travel in July or August, and this applies regardless of what part of the UK you are flying from.

Great for Shopping

At any time of the year, Turkey is a fantastic place for shopping. Crafts are still strong in Turkey and if you shop in the markets, you can buy some beautiful items that you simply do not find anywhere else.

In October, many stallholders are in the process of buying more stock. To make room for that stock for the new season and raise the funds they need to buy fresh goods they sell through their old stock. This means that in October there are plenty of bargains to be had, so if you like shopping Turkey in the autumn is heaven.

Fewer Crowds on the Beach

Turkey has some wonderful beaches. They have crystal clear water pristine sand and a great choice of watersports. The best beaches like Kabak Bay, Iztuzu Beach and Mermerli Beach get extremely crowded in the high season. In October, there are less people, so you get to pick your sun bed and enjoy just a bit more attention from the waiter.

Whatever time of the year you travel to Turkey you will have a good time, but in the winter, Turkey definitely has something extra to offer. You get more for your money and can holiday in a more relaxed environment, as well as experience more of the real Turkey.



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