6 Camping Mistakes to Avoid

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Camping is one of the most popular types of holidays for people who love the adventure and freedom of the great outdoors. Perfect as an escape for couples, friends, or as an enjoyable family holiday, a camping break is one of the most popular kinds of getaways.

And yet many campers, both beginners and those who are more experienced, often find themselves making some mistakes that turn their getaway into a nightmare.  Here are some of the key errors to avoid on your camping holiday.

1) Not testing equipment

Picture this: You’re all booked in to your favourite camp site, all the family is together for a memorable break, and you’ve invested in a new tent for the trip. You get to camp, come to put the tent up, and realise there’s a gaping hole in the wall. Oops. You should have checked the tent at home before you set off.

It’s also worth putting old tents up in the garden before your trip to make sure they are still in decent condition. Check camping stoves and other equipment before you go to ensure you won’t be left short when you get there.

2) Taking too much

Is the car struggling to get up a hill because of all the weight in the back? Are the kids sat on a pile of food? Tent poles tickling your ears as you drive? The chances are that you’ve taken too much stuff with you.

This is one of the most common camping mistakes that people make. While a family holiday usually means you need to take more stuff, there’s no need to bring everything from your house; just take the essentials. A lot of camping gear can be bulky, but you can cut down by only taking the bare minimum, and planning meals in advance. You don’t need to prepare elaborate meals on the camp site, just something quick and easy that fills you up.

3) Not taking enough

While this might sound like a contradiction to the above, some people don’t take enough away with them. Camping holidays are often full of adventure and exploration. While this is fun, it also involves a lot of outdoor activity, and you may be exposed to wet weather. Make sure that you take enough clothes so that you are able to change in to dry ones if you do get caught in downpour.

You’ll also need enough food to last the length of your stay, although often you’ll be able to stock up at a shop on or near to the camp site if you run out.

4) Arriving late

You’ve packed the car (eventually), completed your long trip to the camp site, unloaded all your stuff, and you’re ready to pitch your tent. One problem. It’s dark.

Setting up camp can be stressful at the best of times, but doing it when the only light you have is a head lamp or a torch clutched between your teeth is near enough impossible. Plan your journey and allow plenty of time so that you can arrive while it’s still light. That way, setting up your pitch will be a much easier job.

5) Not bringing repair kits

What happens if you get a hole in your tent? You repair it by sewing it back up. What happens if you get a hole in your tent, but you forgot your sewing kit? You get cold and probably wet while you sleep.

It’s also worth remembering some extra ropes for your tent, and some strong tape for any other emergency repairs.

6) Forgetting the first aid box

Accidents happen everywhere. Camping holidays are no different. In fact, they’re pretty active getaways where you might be exposed to some of nature’s harmful elements. Plasters, bandages and painkillers are useful to carry around with you.

How many of these camping mistakes have you made? Be prepared on your next trip or camping family holiday!

Carl MacDonald is a copywriter and blogger working for a range of clients, including Waudbys, a camping, caravanning and outdoor living equipment supplier based in East Yorkshire, UK.

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