7 ways to help travellers save on the cost of their holiday

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We are all aware that a holiday abroad can be an excellent way to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation while spending some quality time with friends and family. However, money is always a very real concern. Many travellers vastly exceed their initial budgets and as a result, a holiday can quickly evolve into a financial nightmare. Let’s take a look at the top seven ways to protect your valuable funds. After all, a bit of planning can go a long way.

  1. Voucher Codes

Online voucher codes are some of the best ways to save a substantial amount of money on airfare, accommodations and visitor attractions. Many of these virtual coupons are absolutely free and they can be easily found by visiting major suppliers. The top three in the industry are:

These massive e-commerce sites are quite easy to navigate and travellers can normally find the most relevant voucher codes for their needs in a matter of seconds. As many codes will expire on a regular basis, it is a good idea to check back regularly in order to make sure that all deals are up to date.


  1. Timing

While this is an obvious concern, many of those contemplating a holiday will nonetheless put off their plans until the last minute. We always need to keep in mind that the costs associated with travel arrangements and accommodations will increase as the intended departure date draws near. It is therefore wise to book any reservations at least eight weeks ahead of the selected date.

It is also important to address the best times of the year to travel in relation to timing. Dates revolving around Christmas and New Year’s tend to be the most expensive and it can be difficult to encounter the most amenable hotel rates. Those who are looking to save money could instead plan their holiday during times of the year when less travellers are abroad. The early spring and the early autumn are two common alternatives in this case.


  1. Take Your Own Child Seats

It is very common to require a car hire service when taking a holiday abroad. Whether exploring the Pyrenees or cruising along the southern cost of Spain, cars can be an extremely convenient alternative to mass transit. However, those travelling with children could run into a significant problem. Child seats are known to be notoriously expensive; sometimes rivalling the price of the vehicle in question. This is particularly the case when there are two or more infants present. It is much better to bring an existing car seat along. Still, be sure to take into account any shipping or checked baggage charges that may apply during a flight.


  1. Pre-booking and Airport Parking

Logistics will play a role in any holiday and the ability to encounter agreeably priced airport parking is a perfect example. We once again need to mention the importance of booking a parking reservation well in advance. Additionally, be sure to check for any voucher or discount codes that may be offered. These actions will result in two benefits. First, it is likely that you will be able to save a substantial amount of money in terms of daily fees and medium-term rentals. Secondly, booking in advance will enable you to encounter a wider variety of locations; ideal if you are unfamiliar with a specific destination.


  1. Appreciating Currency Exchange Rates

Many travellers fail to take into account the importance of exchange rates until they arrive at their destination. High commissions and exorbitant processing fees will often eat into any amenable rates that could have otherwise been enjoyed. Additionally, many airport exchange centres do not offer the most current rates. It is much better to exchange cash at a local bank before you leave the country. It is highly unlikely that your financial institution will charge any type of fee during the process. This can equate to a truly massive difference when changing a few thousand pounds into another currency such as the dollar or the euro.


  1. The Importance of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is arguably the most overlooked area when planning a holiday. Let us never forget that a normal domestic insurance policy might not include any additional coverage while abroad. Some examples of when visitors are forced to pay massive fees include:

  • Purchasing medication.
  • A car accident.
  • Treating an ongoing medical condition.
  • A sudden emergency such as falling on a ski slope.


Other situations include the theft of a passport or a wallet; both instances which can cause a great deal of consternation. Without travel insurance, the financial losses could be substantial and there have even been times when a holiday has been cut short due to a lack of insurance altogether. Thankfully, sites such as Travel Voucher Codes are able to provide flexible and personalised packages. Some of these will cost as little as £1 pound per day! Policies can be customised around your discrete needs and there are also options for those who plan on taking regular holidays throughout the year.


  1. Mobile Phone Concerns

A locked phone is a sure-fire way to accrue massive roaming charges within a short period of time. Some have even amassed bills well into the thousands of pounds on a two-week holiday alone! The major advantage of an unlocked phone (also known as a pay-as-you-go phone) is that a SIM card can be purchased once you arrive at your destination. It is possible to select different data plans based off of how often you intend to make calls or access the Internet. A final benefit here is that you will no longer have to worry about losing your expensive smartphone while out and about.


Another option is to reroute your phone calls to an existing Skype plan. Your Skype account can likewise be redirected to your phone. While you will still be charged a certain amount per minute, these fees are substantially reduced when compared to common roaming charges.


Putting it All Together

So, we can clearly see that there are a number of useful methods to save money while enjoying a holiday away from home. The key takeaway point is to plan ahead and to take advantage of online resources such as voucher codes. Please feel free to utilise this article as a checklist when arranging your journey. A bit of foresight can go a long way towards ensuring a satisfying and economical holiday.

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