A winter’s holiday to Benidorm: top three things to see and do

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If you’ve decided to head for some sun rather than brave the cold of the winter isles this year, you’ll find no better place to while away your time than in action-packed Benidorm. Whether you’re going for a pre-Christmas break, or a New Year holiday to relieve the January blues, here are just a few of the top events over the winter months.


  1. Fiesta Week

On the run down to Christmas you can find a whole host of activities across the city, but one not to miss is Fiesta Week. Held every November, this tradition began as a celebration to honour La Virgen del Sufrage and Jaime Apostol, the Patron Saints of Benidorm, but over the years it has evolved into a six-day fiesta with an event for everyone. From street football and flower-parades to fishing competitions in the bay, there are also many religious and spiritual processions that will give you the chance to experience traditional Spanish culture.


The Fiesta usually has a large musical element to it too. With street musicians, bands and even midnight concerts in the auditorium of Aigüera Park, everyone will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of this festival to get them in the mood for Christmas.


  1. It’s Carnival time!

If you’re already pining for the Christmas parties and want another celebration like New Year’s Eve, then head to Benidorm during February for the famous season of Carnival! The streets will come alive with a constant flow of music and vibrantly coloured dancers, as it’s a chance for the Spanish community to celebrate and enjoy themselves before the period of Lent.


Your eyes will be treated to an array of spectacular floats in the annual parade, before the curious tradition of the ‘Burial of the Sardine’ takes place, to signify the arrival of Lent. Luckily, the city will have warmed up a lot more by the time Carnival arrives, so you won’t have to worry about any winter weather here.


  1. Perfect weather for golf 

Benidorm isn’t just for those who prefer bright lights and big cities. If you want to spend a quiet Christmas at home then book your break here for March instead, where you’ll find the temperatures and conditions perfect for those who love a round of golf. The early spring weather brings the warmth of the sun but with a breeze that should stop you from over-heating during play.


There are plenty of courses to choose from on the Costa Blanca, with spas and wellness centres within easy distance too if you’re looking to extend your period of rest and relaxation. Of course, if you’d like to finish off your time with a little more excitement, why not indulge in a little Spanish culture, and watch the magnificent fireworks display during the Valencian Spring Festival?


Benidorm has always been a hugely popular destination, so make sure you book sooner rather than later if you’re planning on heading there yourself.

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