A1 Press Release: Parents Would Take Kids Out Of School Early To Get Better Holiday Prices

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A recent survey by travel agency A1 Travel reveals that 45 per cent of parents would take their kids out of school early, if it meant that they could take advantage of better prices for their summer holiday.


These statistics demonstrate the lengths that many families are willing to go to in order to avoid the harshest financial pressures of the peak holiday season; package holidays are often more expensive in the months of July and August when schools break up for the summer.


However, A1 Travel is currently running a campaign to help parents to avoid the difficulties of taking their kids out of school early. A study published last year showed that a fifth of unauthorised absences recorded by primary schools were due to parents taking their children on term-time holidays without permission*.


Fines may be awarded to parents by the government for cases of unauthorised absences, and these currently stand at £60 per child.


That is why A1 Travel is advising customers that they can achieve savings for holidays in the peak summer months, instead of facing difficult questions and potential fines at their child’s school. The advice from the travel agency is to book early and to take advantage of low deposits.


A representative of A1 Travel, Nick Lima explained: “Families can save over 30 per cent by booking their holidays before the end of January, as many hotels offer early bird discounts for bookings received before 31st January. This is something we offer on a1travel.com.”


The travel agency has reported that summer 2014 holiday early bookings are up 25 per cent, year on year. Mr Lima continued: “Spain, Greece and Turkey are proving to be the most popular destinations for family holidays in 2014 thus far. Our £35pp deposit scheme has been attracting many families that want to make savings on the most popular dates in the best locations.”


The range of A1 Travel family holidays and available discounts can be found online at http://www.a1travel.com; bookings can be made via the website or by phone on 020 548 3048.





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* The source of the reference to the 2012 study on primary school absences can be found at http://dailym.ai/15gFj5N.

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