Author: Marie Hernandez
Marie Hernandez is a travel journalist/blogger, the founder and author behind SeriouslyTravel. Her passion for travel and food inspires her to seek new places to visit and new foods to try. Originally from New Jersey and now living in Singapore, she and her husband travel throughout South East Asia discovering the beauty of "the other side of the world". Her desire is to inspire everyone to explore the world; even if it's just in your own back yard.

Romantic Bliss at The Surin Phuket

Regal elegance, exquisite design, and a lush tropical cove make the Surin Phuket one of the most romantic resorts in Phuket, Thailand. Nestled along a powdery white sand cove on the Andaman Sea, the tranquil serenity is second to none.

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Discover Paradise at Gaya Island Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Gaya Island Resort is located just 15 short miles off the mainland of Kota Kinabalu a pristine island which is part of the Crocker Range rock formation of the western coast of Sabah Malaysia. Gaya is an elegant, modern, resort

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5 Must See Secluded Hotels

Ever just throw your hands up and want to run away from all the stresses in life, unplug, sleep in, or enjoy the serenity of seclusion? Well SeriouslyTravel has put together a list of hotels where you can do just

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