Beach Entertainment for Your Kids

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When you are on a family holiday keeping your kids occupied is important. Doing so ensures that they do not get bored, and that they go home with fantastic memories.

Today, we are going to look specifically at keeping them happy while they are on the beach. Below are details of some great toys and games that you can take with you to keep everyone happy.

Old school games

Provided the beach is not too crowded, your children can enjoy a kick around or a game of cricket. It is best to play with soft balls, and a plastic bat. This kind or equipment is not only safer it is also far lighter, which is easier to carry. A game of beach Frisbee is also fun.

Sand toys

Buckets and spades are great fun. For little ones sand moulds in the shape of numbers, animals and their favourite cartoon characters are ideal. They are easy for your toddlers to manipulate. It does not take much sand to fill them, which makes it easy for your little ones to make their sand shapes.

You can even use the number shaped ones to set maths puzzles for your older children. Learning on the beach is fun.

A Seascope

A plastic Seascope can keep kids occupied for hours. This toy is a telescope that is made for kids. You can also take it when you go for a walk, or enjoy other outdoor activities with your children.

Inflatable toys

Inflatable toys are inexpensive and lightweight. They also help to keep your children safer while they are in the water.

Inflatables now come in all shapes and sizes. A great example is an inflatable wheel. Your kids will love climbing inside and being rolled along the beach in it. These wheels are quite big, so if you do decide to buy one look for one that includes an inflation pump. Otherwise, you will be there for half an hour blowing this thing up.


On a beach, where there is a bit of a breeze, flying a kite can be great fun. Choose one that folds up, so that it is small enough to carry with you.

Water pistols

Water pistols are always fun. However, on a beach is best to get your kids to play with them in the sea rather than on the sand. That way they will not end up spraying someone with water who does not wants to get wet.

Body boards

Another great option, for kids who love to play in the sea, is a body board. They are a fantastic way for children to learn to ride the waves. Skim boards are fun too, and you can enjoy those even in calm water.

Rock pool exploring kits

If your children like exploring nature, take a small dip net with you. Your kids can use them to find interesting creatures in rock pools.

There are also some good beach wildlife books out there. You can still buy iSpy books, which will help your children to identify the different plants and animals that they find.

Family holidays are always more fun when you plan them, and remember to take the right toys and gadgets with you.


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