The Best of Benidorm Nightlife

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Are you thinking about booking a holiday to Benidorm for this summer? There’s so much to do at night in Benidorm that we can literally only give you a few ‘highlights’ in this piece. Rest assured; you will never get bored when you are out on the town in this party capital of the Costa Blanca.


Clubbing in Benidorm

Quite rightly, clubbing is all the rage in Benidorm right now. You could compare the Benidorm club scene with that of Ibiza and Benidorm would come out on top; it’s cheaper, better value for money and less pretentious. The world’s top DJs come to Benidorm’s leading clubs every summer and you don’t want to miss them.

Most, but not all of Benidorm’s best clubs are on the Avenida Communitat Valenci, which is just 5 minutes by taxi from most of the hotels. It will cost you around 30 Euros to get into most clubs and that often comes with a free drink. Some popular destinations in Benidorm are the Hippodrome Nightclub, Penelopes, El Divino and the KM Dance Clubs.


Karaoke Bars and Sports Bars

If you fancy blasting out your party piece to appropriate backing, or watching the football on satellite, then you will be spoiled for choice in Benidorm. Just a few names from each category are the Daytona Rock Bar, Tiki Beach, Heartbreak Bar, St James Tavern, Beach Rock Café and Shooters. Expect a blasting night out at any of them!


Bars and Pubs

Again, the choice here is massive whilst the prices are very reasonable. You can get a pint for a Euro in some places, so look out for special offers. The Old Town can give you a taste of Spain, or if you are looking for a little home from home, head to the British-themed bars of Levante and Rincon. Stop by The Scotsman, the Star and Garter, the Shamrock Bar Zodiac, The Talk of the Coast or Heartbreak, where you can hear live rock music. If you are a fan of the TV series “Benidorm” and have always hankered after a drink in the Neptunes Bar then you can find its real life counterpart in the Morgan Tavern.

Stags and Hens

Benidorm is a great place to spend your last night as a single man or woman! Try some of the men’s only places such as Kinky Karen, or see Sticky Vicky and the Black Chicken. Ladies with a similar fate looming can spend the day by the pool or on the beach and then hit the town, perhaps seeing an act in Rockefellers or Morgan’s Tavern. Ladies not getting married on the morrow might like to end the night at Café B.

English Square

It seems appropriate that the city of Benidorm’s nightlife takes its name from the foreigners who seem to love it best. The English Square features Sinatras, the Café Benidorm (Café B), the Champions Bar, Beachcomber, Bahamas and the Hippodrome.

A week really won’t seem long enough once you start exploring just how much Benidorm has to offer in terms of nightlife. Better yet, by hitting the town, you have the perfect excuse to spend the following day lazing on the beach!

Main Image Credit: Enrique Domingo – Flickr

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