The Best Kite Surfing Beaches in Europe

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Main Image Credit “Kite Surfing” by Neville Nel is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Kite surfing is a phenomenal sport, which is growing in popularity, but if you want to enjoy the sport, you need the right conditions. Fortunately, several great European beaches offer the right conditions. Here are our favourites:

Troulos Bay – Kos

The beautiful sandy beach of Troulos Bay on Kos is ideal for all kinds of water sports. The wind is consistent, but the bay is virtually flat, perfect for kite boarding.

We have several cheap last minute deals to Kos, so getting to the island and staying in Troulos is easy. Once there you can enjoy spending all day on the beach polishing your kite surfing skills. There is a great firm based there that offers lessons for any level of kite-surfers.

If you want, you can also have a go at a range of other water sports. There are also windsurfing and catamaran lessons available.

Urla Beach – Turkey

Turkey is a great kite surfing location. There are beaches with the right conditions at Alaçatı, Gökova and Burch Beach, Istanbul, but our favourite is Urla.

You can take the full range of International Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO) lessons there. The school on this beach is well equipped with a snack bar, showers and changing conditions. Conditions are mostly flat with small chop. There are no hotels on this beach but there are a number of Villas in the Urla area for rent.

It is not a crowded beach, so there is plenty of space to practice. There are daily transfers available from Alacati, which is only 20 minutes away.

Meia Praia Lagoon, the Algarve – Portugal

This location is perfect for beginners. The water is only shoulder height at its deepest point making it easy to learn the basics in an extremely safe environment. Most of the year, there is a light but steady wind, but at certain points of the year, the wind speed reaches 20 knots, which is why it is a popular destination for the PKRA World Tour. The pro tour takes place on this lagoon every year.

Kite surfers are taken to the middle of the lagoon for their lessons. This is well away from other lagoon users, so there is plenty of space to learn and practice safely.

El Medano – Tenerife

Our last choice is El Medano, Tenerife. This beach is just a few miles south of the airport, which is very convenient.

Classes are offered by a well-established surf academy by a professional team of instructors. Courses are offered for every level from beginners to professionals. Groups are kept small, so everyone gets the attention they need.

Far more than just kite surfing destinations

Most firms offer 3 to 5 day courses. Typically, lessons take place for 3 hours per day. Because kite boarding is a physically taxing sport for those just getting started this is enough for most beginners. For more advanced surfers there is the option to book a second course or to take a one on one class.

All of the above beaches are very close to great holiday towns, which offer plenty of off beach entertainment. If you fancy staying on the beach and just relaxing and soaking up the sun you can do that or try a range of other water sports.

Regardless of what you choose, I guarantee you will not be bored if you choose a kite-surfing holiday on any of the above beaches.


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