Best Value European City Destinations For 2014

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Europe has a host of wonderful countries and vibrant cities that will keep any traveler happy. This continent offers huge variety, with the beautiful mountain ranges of the Alps and the Pyrenees, the sun kissed beaches and blue waters of the Mediterranean and amazing architecture in Prague, Rome and Edinburgh. As if that wasn’t enough, Europe is home to some of the world’s best food. Italy is the home of pizza and pasta, France won’t let you down with its great bakeries, Germany has the best sausage on the planet and chocolate lovers will be kept satisfied in Switzerland. There are multitude of different sports to get involved in or spectate too. Italy hosts Formula One, countless European countries are leaders in world rankings for both soccer and rugby and watersports, hiking and everything in between is catered for somewhere. With all this to choose from, it’s difficult to narrow down the best city break destinations, but here are our top five to check out for a great value trip.

  1. Porto, Portugal
    Porto has been elected the Best European Destination 2014 by the citizens of Europe. Strolling along the River Douro in the Ribeira, checking out the city’s wonderful architecture and viewing the city’s beautiful landscapes are all great reasons to come. A slow tram ride will bring you to the beach if you want to escape city life for a while. This welcoming city leaves a lasting impression on everyone who visits.
  2. Prague, Czech Republic
    As one of the architectural gems of Europe, Prague is an incredible city. Around every corner is another picture perfect view and dotted throughout the city are medieval churches, cute cafes and historical sites to explore. It’s quickly emerging as one of the hippest cities in Europe and now is the time to visit.
  3. Dublin, Ireland
    Ireland’s tourism trade is growing all the time and with good reason as the country has a whole lot to offer. The capital city, Dublin, is a great place to explore museums, castles and even take a visit to the home of Guinness at the Guinness Store House. Ireland is steeped in culture and history but that’s not the only reason to visit. Exploring the pubs in Dublin city center you’ll meet friendly locals, hear great music and be guaranteed to have the ‘craic!’
  4. Paris, France
    Everyone has those romantic notions of cities like Paris and why shouldn’t you? Walking down the ChampsÉlysées in the evening with the Arc de Triomphe lit up in the distance, after a beautiful French meal and a bottle of merlot is a magical experience. But Paris is much more than a city for couples. Attractions like Disneyland will keep the kids, and grown-ups entertained, history and art buffs can explore the huge variety of museums and young singles should check out the bustling Parisian nightlife.
  5. Berlin, Germany
    No other city in Europe has undergone as much change in the last number of years than the German capital. Berlin has risen since the fall of the Iron curtain as one of the most happening cities in Europe with a host of culture, entertainment nightlife and shopping that keep visitors returning for more.

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