Why booking in advance could save you a bundle

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Although last minute holidays are awesome when you have some spare holiday time and an empty calendar, planning well in advance when you know you’re thinking of booking a big holiday can save you huge sums. Not only will you be able to look at using a low-cost deposit system, but you could save on things like gig tickets and competitions too. If you’re not convinced, then read on …


You’ll be able to book early-bird tickets

It doesn’t matter what it is, it could be a concert in Gran Canaria, a sporting event in Majorca or a festival in Crete – if you’re booking tickets for any large party or event, then you can bet there will usually be an early bird offer for people who book well in advance. In a bid to fill up the stands and seats early, companies will often sell batches of tickets far cheaper to the first people that buy them.


Where this offer isn’t available, purely the chance to get the very best seats should be enough to sway you into booking early; while all the other lazy customers are left standing, you’ll be sat tight and with more money in your pocket!


You’ll get the best deal on your room

There are so many reasons why the earlier you book, the better it is for your holiday, but the main one has to be that if you book as much as a year in advance, the demand for your room is lower, and therefore usually, so is the price of the room.


The other side to this is that, in these turbulent economic times following Brexit, you know that the exchange rate you’ve purchased under is locked, and your prices will remain the same. Seen as you’re able to get the room you want, at the cheapest price, and without compromising on the quality of the hotel, why wouldn’t you book early?


You’ll be able to get a low-deposit deal

Without a doubt, the biggest draw for booking your holiday earlier is that fact that you’re able to make the absolute most out of low-deposit schemes. These are a way of making budgeting for your holiday far easier; if your heart is set on a certain location, you’re scared of missing out, but you just don’t have the funds available, these can be a god-send.


You can book your cheap 2017 holidays with low deposits right now, meaning that you only pay £49 immediately, spreading the cost of the rest of your holiday across the next year. You can either pay in full up to a few weeks before your arrival, or use simple monthly instalments at 0% interest. With hotel bookings, A1 Travel have just introduced paying only £1 deposit to secure your dream room – from Corfu to the Costa del Sol, from Majorca to Tenerife, what’s your excuse for waiting?


If you’re thinking of booking a big holiday, be sure to check out the A1 Travel deals, so that you’re not the one missing out next year.


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