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7 ways to help travellers save on the cost of their holiday

We are all aware that a holiday abroad can be an excellent way to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation while spending some quality time with friends and family. However, money is always a very real concern. Many travellers

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Four reasons why December is best time to book next year’s holiday

Should you book in advance or hold your breath for a last minute deal? This is the question that goes through everyone’s mind almost as soon as your most recent holiday is over. One way of dealing with post-holiday blues

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Welcome to Playa Del Carmen!

Playa Del Carmen is situated in Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. It is to the south of Cancun on the stretch of Riviera Maya coast. The view of Playa Del Carmen greets the beautiful sight of the turquoise waters of

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Why booking in advance could save you a bundle

Although last minute holidays are awesome when you have some spare holiday time and an empty calendar, planning well in advance when you know you’re thinking of booking a big holiday can save you huge sums. Not only will you

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Three savings you’ll make when booking a low deposit holiday

Booking holidays is usually an exciting prospect. The thought of far off lands and sunny beaches fills our heads, but for a lot of people these days, booking holidays can be a stressful time. Everyone wants to book in advance,

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A Simple Guide to Travelling Europe

Travelling Europe is something that many travellers do each year. It could be the beginning of a round the world trip, or a short city break before getting back to work. However you’re planning on seeing Europe, this simple guide

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The Best Mediterranean Destinations for History Buffs

Not everyone wants to sit on the beach all day some people love walking through ruins and soaking up history instead. If this is you, the Mediterranean is a great place for you. This is because there are some wonderful

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Great Travel Apps For Your Holidays

Image Credit “Creative Commons Ipod touch apps” by Ian Lamont is licensed under CC BY 2.0 If you are going on holiday there are plenty of great travel deals available online, so it is relatively easy to find the holiday you

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Packing Tips For a Weekend Break

There really is nothing like a weekend city break for recharging the batteries. Just getting away from everything for a few days is a lovely way to give yourself a chance to really relax and unwind. Here are our tips

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