Choosing the Right Destination for your Next Winter Holiday

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If you want a great holiday at a fantastic price, travelling in the winter is definitely the way to go. In the winter, there are some great deals available and you can travel for a fraction of what you would pay if you were to travel in July and August.

Why winter holidays are so great

You can get discounts of up to 70% on accommodation and 50% on flights.

There are places, within a short distance of the UK, that have plenty of winter sun giving you the chance to recharge your batteries.

Fewer people travel in the winter, which means no crazy crowds and a more relaxing holiday.

Not every winter holiday package is perfect

However, you do need to think before you book. Not every winter holiday ticks all of the boxes.

It is important to do the same level of research that you would when booking your summer holiday to make sure that you end up the right break for you. Here are a few things to think about and consider when booking a winter break.

The weather

The biggest mistake people make is booking a holiday to a destination that is not hot or dry enough during the winter months. They are so used to thinking of certain destinations as sunny they automatically think are sunny in the winter too.

A classic example is Benidorm in Spain. In the summer, temperatures reach 29C virtually every day during July and August and it rarely rains. If you book two weeks in Benidorm during the last two weeks or July or the first three weeks of August you would have to be extremely unlucky to have bad weather.

Do the same in January expecting wall-to-wall sun and the chances are you will be extremely disappointed. Temperatures only reach about 15C and there is a good chance it will rain for a day or two, on average Benidorm has 10 rainy days during January.

This is also the case for Cyprus and Turkey. Boiling in the summer, but apart from the odd place with a microclimate, potentially wet and not particularly sunny in the winter.

A guaranteed suntan

If you are looking for a beach holiday and the chance to top up your tan, the Red Sea resorts are the answer. In Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh the winter temperature rarely falls below 25 degrees. The chances of getting wet are virtually nil, even in the winter it usually only rains once or twice in a month.

Cape Verde is another great destination for summer sun. It is on the same latitude of Barbados, but holidays to Cape Verde are 50% cheaper. Even in December, the average temperature is 27C.

Access to leisure facilities

The other disappointment can be that attractions are closed in the winter. If you want to get out and about and visit the sights or go to theme parks and other attractions you need to check their winter opening times.

The weather in the UK

The other consideration is the UK weather. Bear in mind that you have to get to the airport. If you live in a remote area of the Scottish highlands, where snow regularly cuts people off during December or January getting to the airport could be impossible. This means that you are better travelling in October or March.

Take your time and think before you book and you will end up enjoying the winter holiday of your dreams for a cut price.


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