Cinque Terre – why it is a must visit

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Cinque Terre, translated into ‘five lands’, are five towns that can be found along the Italian Riviera coastline, and all five are a must visit.


What makes them stand out are the colourful houses that make up the high cliffs surrounding the blue waters below. The fantastic views are unmissable and the more you climb, the better the view.

So how do I get there?




Well, getting there is actually easier than it seems. There are trains daily leaving from Florence, Milan, Genoa, Pisa and Rome, which arrive at La Spezia. From La Spezia, there is a specific train that stops in all five towns, where you can hop on and off with your pass which costs around 10 Euros for the whole day. This way you can go back and forth, with ease.


First stop is Riomaggiore, then Monterosso Al Mare, then Vernazza, then Corniglia and then finally Manarola.


By car


Getting to Cinque Terre by car is also very easy, where you can park at La Spezia train station, and then proceed to use the trains that stop at each town.


Can it be done in one day?


It most certainly can. Cinque Terre can easily be done in just one day if you have an early start. Arriving there by 11am, and finishing by 7pm is doable. And then you can stay for sunset around 8pm, which of course is mesmerizing. Keep in mind, it is a very tiring day, but if you are short of time, it’s definitely worth it.


Where to stay


The most popular of the five towns to stay is Monterosso Al Mare, given that it is bigger than most of the other towns, and has more accommodation.  At the same time, it is easy to move around as it is more flat and doesn’t have as many cliffs and hills as the rest of the towns.


Things to do while there


Well, it is without a doubt that walking around and taking in the views is one of the main things to do. After (or before that) a dip in the beautiful clear waters is a must. Monterosso al Mare is the one town which has proper sandy beaches, with sunbeds, where as the rest have cliffs and piers which you can jump off, which again are beautiful. But if you’d like to get some tanning done, Monterroso Al Mare is the place to go for that.

Take a walk through the tiny, colourful streets, stop at the souvenir shops, and stop for a perfectly refreshing gelato. After all, isn’t that what Italy is best known for?!


There are also several hike routes that can be done, which you can find information on when you are in the town.


It is a perfect destination to be seen in May and September, but is beautiful and reachable all year round.

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