A clubber’s guide to Kavos

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If you’re looking for a top clubbing destination with parties every night and ample opportunity to let your hair down, Kavos is the place for you. As one of the top clubbing destinations in the world, you won’t be short of nights out, pool parties or boozed up boat trips. So, sit back and relax as you read our clubber’s guide to what one of the liveliest and action-packed cities out there has to offer.

Top clubbing events

If you prefer to stay close to a pool at all times, then there are two events you won’t want to miss out on. First up, channel your inner Hasselhoff or Pamela, and head for the Baywatch Pool Party; brand new for 2016, you’ll listen to the hottest summer anthems whilst being served discounted drinks including a free Party Hard cocktail. Play party games too and show off your free t-shirt – there’s even a prize for the hottest Baywatch couple.


Baywatch parties are every Tuesday, so you’ll be able to recover in time for the Quayside Pool Party held each Friday. This is famously known as the biggest pool party in Greece, as well as the biggest daytime rave in town. If you prefer something a little different though, the Colourfest Holi Powder Party will be arriving in Kavos every Thursday night this year. While you dance to the best House and R&B anthems, the powder cannons will cover you in colour all night long.


If you prefer something messier though, the famous Super Paint Party will be on hand to satisfy your craving. Think giant paint cannons and jet washes and you’re almost there; over 2,000 litres of paint covers Kavos clubbers every Saturday, as this is Europe’s biggest paint party. Of course, you might prefer a good, old-fashioned booze cruise and you can find that right here too. For a Kavos Cruise, not only do you get to feast on Greek BBQ while playing beach Olympics and water sports, but you’ll get a trip to your very own private beach and go on a champagne dive in the Blue Lagoon. You even get to top it off with a rave in a cave, and a colour party.


Where can I relax?


After all that excitement, you’re probably wondering what you can do to relax and recover in between all those wild nights out. Luckily, Kavos also has a brilliant restaurant scene, so there will be plenty of souvenir shops for you to amble around, and places to grab a bite to eat while your head clears from the night before.


The warm, tranquil waters around Kavos also make it the perfect place for a gentle swim and some sunbathing while you plan your next night out. Or, for those of you looking for a cosmopolitan break from the clubbing scene, why not hop on one of the regular buses up to Corfu Town for designer labels and fine foods?


Are you planning a trip to Kavos? We’d love to hear of any more events you’ve come across so please leave a comment.

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