Essential Travel Tips for Sharm el Sheikh

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Sharm el Sheikh is a great place to go if you want to visit Egypt. It is a stable part of the country, which gives you the chance to enjoy the beautiful desert landscape and weather in a welcoming, safe and friendly environment.

All inclusive holidays to Sharm el Sheikh are extremely affordable and recommended. It is a chance to enjoy a touch of luxury even if you are on a tight budget.

Here are a few tips to help you to get the most out of your trip.

Be ready for the heat

The main tip is to go prepared for the heat. It gets warm. The average temperature in July is 91F (33C). Even in January, it is still 64F (18C).

Be ready for the sun

Naturally, that means it is very sunny. Therefore, you need to make sure that everyone has a good hat and high factor sun lotion or spray that is packaged to be taken with you on days out. A big bottle may cost less, but if you are going to end up leaving it in your hotel room most of the time it will be no good to you.

Mosquito repellent

You need to take and wear mosquito repellent. There are no more mosquitoes in the area than in other hot countries, but it is best to be prepared and avoid being bitten.

It is also wise to take bite cream to use just in case you are bitten. If you have a tendency to have a bad reaction to bites consider taking some anti-histamines with you too.

Tummy medication

Many people find that when they travel to Egypt they get a slight tummy upset. This usually happens when you eat salads, which have been washed in local water. If you don’t eat the salads and drink bottled water, you should avoid stomach upsets. However, it is better to go prepared for this rather than ignore the issue. Of course, you can buy medications there, but it is far more convenient to have them to hand, so take some with you.

In addition, stomach medication can be expensive. Usually it is cheaper to buy it at home and take them with you. That way you will be using a brand you are familiar with and that you know works well for you.

Swimming shoes

Depending on where you go, it is wise to wear swimming shoes. There are some sharp corals even in the shallows, which can cause small nicks on the feet. If you wear beach shoes, you can avoid this issue completely. It is possible to buy the shoes there for a small price, but it is probably better to go prepared especially if you have particularly big or small feet.

Modest clothing

Most parts of Sharm el Sheikh are very cosmopolitan and liberal, but in some places, women may be asked to wear full-length trousers or skirts to cover their legs. It makes sense to take a light pair of trousers and something you can put on over a sleeveless top, so you are prepared for all eventualities.

You should also check the dress code for your hotel or resort and pack accordingly. Some do not allow shorts in the dining areas.

A rucksack

If you are planning trips out you are going to need to take sun lotion, insect repellent and probably hats. It makes sense to pack a bag that is big enough to carry these extra toiletries.

Travel insurance

You need to take travel insurance wherever you go including when travelling to Sharm el Sheikh.

Follow these tips and you will be ready to get the most out of the beautiful resort of Sharm el Sheikh.


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