Explore Our Top 4 Christmas Holiday Destinations: Tenerife, Malta, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura

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It may currently be the height of the summer holiday season, but this is also a great time to think about any trips you want to take during the winter months. Christmas is a popular time for people just like you to travel overseas; after all, the weather can be a bit nicer outside of the United Kingdom during December. There are some destinations that score better than others, and we certainly have a handful that outperform the rest when it comes to Christmas getaways.


We thought it would helpful for you if we took you through our top four Christmas holiday destinations so you can get a good idea of where to book your own trip this year. We’ll look at the following destinations in a little more detail: Tenerife, Malta, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.



Plenty of people choose to book a Christmas holiday deal to Tenerife, and there are many reasons why this is the case. With a reasonably short flight time from London Gatwick airport (just 4 and a half hours), this Canary island is relatively close to home, meaning it isn’t too far to travel. There are some beautiful resorts to choose from in Tenerife, with some of the most popular including Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos.


Whilst December is one of the coolest months of the year in Tenerife, it is still warmer than many other locations in Europe. With an average temperature of 16 degrees Celsius in the festive month, it can feel a lot more comfortable than those found in the UK at the same time. The sea temperature sits around 21 degrees Celsius in December, meaning you can still make use of the beach too!



Another interesting island to take into consideration is that of Malta. With honey-coloured limestone and beautiful architecture, Malta could be just the ticket to avoid the winter blues. If you want to escape the confines of the usual Christmas traditions, in Malta you could be wandering around cathedrals and castles, as well as discovering delightful towns.
Temperatures in the winter in Malta average around 15 degrees Celsius, which could be the perfect temperature for a spot of exploring. Keep the Silent City of Mdina in mind if you are in the mood to winding your way through a maze of narrow, cobbled streets.



The island of Lanzarote is another Canary destination that could cater perfectly to your Christmas getaway. Lanzarote sits around 120 kilometres off the North African coast, and also has the label of being the easternmost Canary Island. The summer is a popular time for visiting the island, but winter can bring milder temperatures that are ideal for making the most of the volcanic landscape.

You will be able to walk along black sandy beaches, as well as taking trips to the volcanoes and lagoons. Take a camel ride across the desert at Timanfaya National Park for a special treat that you won’t forget about in a hurry.



Finally, it’s also worth mentioning the Fuerteventura, another one of the Canaries. The geography of these islands show they are ideal for the winter months, and this one is no different. What makes Fuerteventura special is that it features the largest number of the beaches of all these islands, with extensive dunes at Corralejo and flatter expanses in the south.


The flight time is usually less than four and a half hours, so it is much faster to reach than islands located in the Caribbean or even further afield.


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