How to Find the Best Last Minute Deals

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If you want a bit of winter sun booking a last minute deal to Benidorm on Spain’s Costa Blanca or somewhere similar is a great idea. You get to enjoy a relaxing break and do so without spending much money.

Here are a few tips to help you to find the best last minute deals, and take advantage of them.

Be flexible

The first tip is to be flexible about where you go. Taking this approach gives you more choice, which improves your chances of saving the maximum amount possible.

If you have a specific destination in mind, booking a last minute holiday is probably not a good idea for you. In fact, if you really want to travel to a specific resort you will save more money by booking as far in advance as possible.

When you book last minute, you also need to be flexible about the length of your holiday. Most people who book in this way take 2 weeks off work, but will happily book a seven or 10-day break if they cannot find a deal that offers the full 2 weeks.

Book a week or two out

Try to resist the temptation to book too far out, but having said that do not leave it too late. It used to be that the best approach was to look for a deal between 1 and 3 days before you actually wanted to travel. Recently, things have changed and now the best deals are to be found when you book between 1.5 and 2 weeks in advance.

Avoid the school holidays

It is always a good idea to avoid travelling during the school holidays. These weeks are still the most popular. Most holidays for this period sell well in advance, so finding a deal is much more difficult during this timeframe. If you are lucky enough to find a last minute deal, it is still going to cost more than an out of season deal will be.

Look under every rock

This is an odd tip, but an important one. Consider holiday packages that you would normally pass on. Doing this gives you more choice.

For example, perhaps you are not keen on hotel food, so would normally not book a half board or all-inclusive deal. When booking last minute you really should look at these deals too. You will normally only pay ten or twenty pounds more for the package, but will greatly improve your chances of tracking down a cheap holiday. Avoiding the hotel food is easy all you need to do is to skip the meals and go out instead.

Consider travelling with others

Most people who look for last minute deals never consider looking at villa or apartment deals and splitting the cost with others. This is a shame because there are a lot of great bargains to be had by booking holidays in this way.

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