Finding and Preparing for a Self Catering Holiday

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We all need a holiday. A chance to relax and really let our hair down, but sometimes it can be hard to find the money to be able to afford one. For many people money is tight, but most people go plain mad if they do not get there week of sun, so a holiday an essential rather than a luxury.

Fortunately, the travel industry has realised that there are lots of families out there who need an affordable break. They have provided more self-catering holidays, so it is far easier than it used to be to find cheap holidays.

Here is our guide to finding cheap self catering holidays abroad . You will be pleased to see that none of the suggestions below involve camping on the beach or sleeping on a lumpy bed in a dubious part of town.

Book ahead

As always the earlier, you book the better your deal is likely to be. Travel firms buy their accommodation in bulk. For them it is important to sell as many of their holidays in advance as possible. Therefore, most travel firms offer great deals for early bookers.

Spread the payments

If you book ahead, there is the added bonus of giving yourself time to save up for your holiday rather than have to find the cash all at once. If you are worried about spending the cash you are saving open a building society account and give the pass book to your mum. That way you can put money in every month and will have to wrestle with your mum if you want to take it out. Believe us that is a sure fired way to make sure that you do not spend it on anything else. Nobody wants to argue with their mum.

Save up for the food

To further spread the cost try to save up for the food in advance. There is nothing worse than getting back from a holiday only for a large credit card bill to plop on the mat a couple of weeks later. The last thing you need is for credit card interest repayments to bump up the final bill for your self-catering holiday.

Putting coins in a jar works well for many families. Alternatively, you could go to the post office and get a travel money card. You can add some funds to that each week or month.

It is effectively a pre-loaded credit card. There is the added convenience that the card can be loaded with the currency of the country you are travelling to. You can use the card abroad in most ATMs. However, before you get one check which ATMs and make sure there are enough of them where you are staying. This approach has the added advantage of giving you a relatively safe way to carry your spending money.

Be flexible

The more flexible you are the more chance you will be able to find a holiday within your budget range. Our advice is not to get hung up on going to a particular resort or country for that matter. The beach and sun are more or less the same wherever you go and it is good for the kids to experience more than one country, so consider going off the beaten track a bit if it is cheaper to do so.

Consider a short break

If you can’t find a full weeks holiday within your price range consider booking a short break instead. They are literally half the price. You never know later in the year you may be able to afford to take a second short break or another week away. Short breaks also give you the chance to enjoy a different kind of holiday. Maybe a city break instead of a beach holiday. It is nice to mix things up.

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