Five Great reasons to book a Christmas Holiday

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Most of us do not need an excuse for a holiday and will grab the chance to get away from the grey skies of Britain whenever we can. Despite this, many of us would not dream of going away at Christmas.

This is a real shame, because Christmas is actually the perfect time to enjoy a holiday. The list of reasons to do so is a long one, but here are our top five.


Better weather

Almost without fail, the weather at Christmas in the UK is dismal. Most of the time it is cold and grey, miserable to say the least and it really takes the shine off the Christmas break. There is nothing worse than being on holiday when the weather is bad. You cannot do much and it is hard to enjoy yourself in the rain.

Getting away to a holiday destination abroad is a great way to solve this problem. In half of the world, it is summer and even in closer destinations like Southern Spain, Cyprus and Morocco the weather is much better than the UK. Sunny days are the norm for December in all of these destinations and they are only a short plane journey away.


Bring in the New Year with a Tan!

Of course, that means that you can go partying on New Year’s Eve sporting a fantastic golden and natural suntan.


Get away from the stress

There are a somethings we may dislike about Christmas, and one thing most people say is that their relatives drive them crazy over the festive period. Going away over Christmas means that you can get away from all of that and really relax. You can also avoid all of the traffic and rushing between houses, trying to keep all of your relatives happy on Christmas and Boxing Day.


A smaller present budget

The other advantage is that you do not have to spend as much on presents. Buying for distant relatives and acquaintances of other relatives who you bump into as part of family celebrations is no longer necessary. You also save a fortune on food and drink, and avoid the depressing task of trying to fit all of the leftovers into the freezer, or worse, the bin.


No cooking and washing up

Best of all there is no food shopping to do, no cooking and no arguments over who does the washing up or loads and unloads the dishwasher. Someone does it all for you.

The majority of the hotels in the resorts that are popular with Brits know how to cook a delicious Christmas dinner and create a fantastic festive atmosphere. Usually there is great entertainment laid on and the chance to enjoy local Christmas traditions, markets and fireworks.

Getting away from it all at Christmas is easy and there are some fantastic deals available. Now all you have to do is to convince the rest of the family, but we have given you plenty of ammunition, which we hope will make it easier for you to win the argument and enjoy your next Christmas abroad.

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