Five Great Reasons to Holiday on Tenerife

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For decades, the island of Tenerife has been a popular holiday destination. There are many good reasons to visit the island here are just five of them.


The weather


Tenerife has a reputation for having a temperate climate. The island has less rain than mainland Spain and most other parts of Europe. That is why some of the island has a dessert climate and landscape. It does rain on Tenerife, but only in the winter and only for a few days.


The scenery


When people think of Tenerife, they tend to think only of the large resorts located in the coastal areas. In reality, much of the island is completely untouched. Surprisingly, nearly 50% of the island is protected in some way.


The wildlife


Because much of the island is protected, it is a great place to visit if you like wildlife. The island is a popular destination for birdwatchers and it is home to several unique birds as well as numerous common species.


There are plenty of ways to enjoy this scenery. You can spend a few days on the beach then enjoy a day walking, riding or cycling.


The food


The island also has a reputation for being a great place to experience Spanish cuisine, with a twist. You will be able to try dishes like Papas Arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) that you won’t see served elsewhere. It is really great food, and healthy too.


However, if you prefer to eat as you do at home you can. This is especially the case in the resort and coastal areas where many local bars and restaurants cater for the tastes of tourists. The fact that people from all parts of the world visit the island means that there is plenty of choice including Indian and Chinese food, which is popular with practically everyone.


Carnivals and Fiestas


The island has a rich and varied history and the local residents like a party so there are some fantastic fiestas for you to enjoy if you are there at the right time of the year. Some of these carnivals are now world famous. A great example is the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which is a Festival of International Tourist Interest.


There are also some religious festivals that are still celebrated in a big way on Tenerife. The pilgrimages or Romerías is a great example.


Where to stay?


With so much to do and see on the island working out what part of the island to stay on can be difficult. If you are new to the island a good starting point is Costa Adeje. It is a lively place that offers something for everyone. This part of the island has good nightlife, plenty of chances to shop and lovely beaches, and it is easy to reach other parts of the island from this resort.


If you do visit the Costa Adeje, the Labranda Isla Bonita hotel is a great option. This four star hotel is within 300 meters of the shops, bars and restaurants and only 400 meters from the beach. It offers a range of accommodation that is suitable for any size or type of group.


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