Four reasons why December is best time to book next year’s holiday

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Should you book in advance or hold your breath for a last minute deal? This is the question that goes through everyone’s mind almost as soon as your most recent holiday is over. One way of dealing with post-holiday blues is to start planning the next one, but financially, is this the right move? We’re here to tell you why booking your 2017 holiday right now is the best decision you can make, especially for your wallet. If you need convincing, then check out just four reasons why you should click “book now”.


  1. You can get huge discounts

During the winter months, when people are pre-occupied with trying to budget for Christmas, holiday companies and travel agents will hold sales, and take huge discounts off both full holiday rates and deposits. They want to entice people into booking now rather than later, to avoid disappointment, but it’s you who will reap the rewards. While everyone else is struggling to pay for their holiday in six to eight months’ time, you can rest safe in the knowledge that yours is booked and paid for, and for a much better price.


  1. Get the best rooms available

As a way of cheering themselves up during the post-Christmas blues, most people will book their flights and accommodation for their next holiday in January and February. By beating them to the ‘January rush’, you’ll make sure you get the best rooms. These are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you have your eye on a particularly lavish 5-star hotel, and you’d like one of their newly refurbished rooms, a request made now is far more likely to be accepted.


  1. Flight prices are much cheaper 

Another reason why booking now is such a good strategy is that you’ll save a huge amount of money on flights. If you miss out on one hotel, then there will usually be more than one in the area, but what about that flight that will get you to Majorca just in time for your best friend’s wedding? When it comes to timings, the most popular and convenient times, such as midday, sell the fastest, and so a premium will often be put on the last few seats on a flight. Right now, demand is low, so you’ll be able to get the same seats for far less money.


  1. If it’s popular with you, it’s popular with everyone

Whether it’s a new and exciting destination you’ve always wanted to go to, or a family holiday classic that you have to visit every year, the most popular destinations and hotels always get booked up in record time. How terrible would it be to try to book your favourite apartment, only to discover that the complex is already full to the brim? If you want to avoid disappointment, then look at booking 2017 holidays to places like the Greek Islands, Croatia, Spain and Portugal, as soon as possible.


Have you already booked your holiday for next year? Let us know why in the comments section below.

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