Why Gran Canaria is the perfect destination for adventurous families

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For families who prefer to be in the heart of the action all the time, and who love nothing more than a hiking trail or the chance to check out the native wildlife, you’ll find no better holiday destination than Gran Canaria. For all the outgoing families out there who are looking for a new place to call their holiday-home, we’ve come up with just a few reasons why you should return year after year…


Tonnes of activities

Sure, you may have heard about windsurfing, sailing and scuba diving, but how about trying your hand at the Jetovator? A water powered jet that propels the wearer into the sky.


By the time your lesson’s over, you’ll be able to rocket upwards to heights of 30ft, or dive down 10ft below the water, as well as being able to do barrel rolls and back flips galore. This is only for true adrenaline junkies, so you should fit right in, and once you’re done, there’s also jet-skiing and parascending to keep you occupied – check it out right here.


Loads of low cost self-catering deals

Self-catering apartments are perfect for adventurous families, as you can completely immerse yourself in Canarian culture. You might be foodies who love nothing more than trying a new restaurant each night, or piling your baskets high with fresh produce at local markets, before heading home to try out a new recipe. Either way, you’ll find Gran Canaria the perfect place to immerse yourself in local cuisine.


At A1 Travel, we know that a lot of families also see meal-time as family time, and understand that those who like to do lots of activities together probably prefer to dine in the peace and quiet of their own surroundings. That’s why we make sure we have plenty of cheap self-catering holidays in Gran Canaria available for you, so that whether you want to try your hand at a new dish, or simply make the most of your time together, there’s a holiday to suit every budget.


So much to explore

If you’re the kind of family that likes to marvel at nature, then why not visit the three volcanic wonders of Gran Canaria? Head to the Bandama Natural Monument first, part of the Tafira Protected Landscape, and see the famed Caldera de Bandama. This volcanic crater is 1,867ft above sea level at its highest point.


After that, you can check out Roque Nublo, or the “Clouded Rock”; this volcanic rock stands 262ft tall, and is a famous landmark of the island, also protected as a natural monument. Finally, finish off with Pico de las Nieves, the highest peak of the island with a height of 6,394ft above sea level. You’ll see plenty of the local wildlife along the way, and you’ll learn about the history of the island in a truly unique way.


Have we convinced you that this is the place to be for energetic families? Why not check out the self-catering deals now and snap up a bargain this summer!


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