Great reasons to visit Lanzarote this winter

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If you are looking for a perfect winter holiday that does not require you to fly half way around the world, Lanzarote is it. This beautiful island has a lot to offer holidaymakers year round, but in the winter, you get to see a different side of this popular holiday destination.

There are several good reasons to make your next winter break a Lanzarote one. Here are just a few of them.

A warm winter climate

Whilst most of the rest of Europe is quite literally freezing, Lanzarote remains warm. Which makes it a great destination for catching a bit of winter sunshine.

Daytime temperatures reach between 20 and 24C between the months of November and February. In addition, during those months it still only rains a few times, so you are not likely to need a brolly. However, a coat is always a good idea for the cooler evenings.

Great value for money

A winter break in Lanzarote is far cheaper than it is during the summer. This is especially the case if you can stay for a while. Many hotels do special deals for those looking to stay for a month or two, something that quite a few British retirees still enjoy doing.

Enjoy more of the islands beautiful countryside and activities

When people think of Lanzarote, they mainly think of the beach, but the island has a lot more to offer than just beautiful beaches. Forty percent of the island is given over to nature reserves, and the winter is the perfect time to get out there and see what these areas have to offer.

It is not too hot during the winter, so you can enjoy hiking, horse riding and other activities without getting warm and sticky. There are no mosquitoes to worry about and the fact there is only a little more rain during the winter months means that the countryside is lush and green at this time of year.

For those who love the outdoors, Lanzarote in the winter is a wonderful place. You can climb, enjoy mountain biking and many other adventure sports all day long, if you like. The lower temperatures during winter also make it a better time to visit Lanzarote and walk up the island’s volcanoes.

Enjoy the Hawaii of Europe

Few people realise that Lanzarote is also a great surfing destination, especially in the winter. During the summer, the waters are too calm for most surfers, but in the winter things get interesting and the surfers come out to play. The area between Famara and La Santa is where you want to head to if you fancy experiencing the Hawaii of Europe.

No crowds

The other advantage of going to Lanzarote in the winter is that the resorts are far quieter than they are in the summer. Of course, some restaurants and bars close for the winter, but there are plenty of others that stay open year round. The atmosphere is much more laid back as everyone has time to really look after you and even stop to have a friendly chat.

In addition to the above, there are many other reasons why you should treat yourself to a Lanzarote holiday this winter.


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