Great Travel Apps For Your Holidays

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If you are going on holiday there are plenty of great travel deals available online, so it is relatively easy to find the holiday you want at a good price. Once away, you can use apps to save yourself even more money and help you to find your way around and enjoy your holiday more. Here is our round up of the best travel apps.

The Best All Round App

If you download only one travel app TripAdvisor should be it. We say this because you can use this app to help you to plan where you eat and which attractions you visit. This app is very much user driven. Using the reviews, you get a good feel for what is available at each local restaurant and attraction. You can also download TripAdvisor city guides for use offline.

In many locations fourSquare is also a great all round local app. It is not as extensive as TripAdvisor, but you get more locals contributing to FourSquare, so it is a good way to get the inside track on a place.

Car Hire Apps

There are several car hire apps available. Most car firms have their own apps, but if you want to find the best prices, comparison apps are what you really need.

Our favourite for this is KAYAK. This app covers the whole world, so it is especially useful for more adventurous travellers. Europe is well covered. The app covers other facilities too such as hotels, but we are recommending it as a fast way to find cheap car hire.


Rather than pay extra for GPS when you hire a car download NavFree instead. This app provides you with accurate maps for 30 different countries turning your smartphone into an international GPS system.

Google Translate

If you are travelling somewhere that you need a translator Google Translate is an excellent option for Android users. For iPhone users Translator with Speech is a good app.

Word Lens is another great translation app. Just point your phone at the printed word and see an instant translation come up for seven different languages.

Wi-Fi Finder

Most of the time you will be staying somewhere with good Wi-Fi, but every now and again when you are out and about you may want to check your emails. Wi-Fi Finder is a free app you can use on Android or iPhone.

Saving money on food

BiteHunter is a great app for finding somewhere to eat. It is also a great way to find meal deals, so as well as finding a good restaurant you will often save money using this app.


This is a great little app for keeping you organised. You can automatically upload all of your booking details and have them all available at the touch of a button.

XE Currency

This app allows you to convert any currency at the touch of a button. It also finds you the best exchange rate.

Pin Drop

If you like keeping a travel diary PinDrop is a nice little app. When you come across a sight that you like and want to make a note of it you can put a pushpin in a digital map and make some notes.

Alternative app sources

In some parts of the world, the local tourist boards provide apps to help travellers to find their way. Using these apps, you can often secure discounts for local attractions.


A great way of saving money while abroad is to use Groupon deals. Groupon has 100 different local sites, which anyone can sign up to and use. Naturally, the language can be a bit of a barrier, but many travellers use vouchers from a local Groupon site to secure special deals while abroad.


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