The Island of Crete has a lot to Offer

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Crete is a beautiful Greek island. It is the largest of the Greek islands, which means that it has plenty to offer the British holidaymaker.

You could spend years holidaying on Crete and still not really experience everything that the island has to offer. Here is an overview of some of the best destinations on this island, to help you to work out where to start your exploration of Crete.


This beautiful costal town is just 21miles from the capital of Crete, Heraklion, so it is a great point from which to explore more of the island. It is well known for its beautiful beaches, but mostly for its great nightlife. The town attracts top performers and DJs, so if you want to dance all night Malia is the place to stay.

Surprisingly, Malia is also a great destination for culture vultures. The town is home to a significant Minoan archaeological site, which covers a full square kilometre. However, if you want a quiet place to stay you will need to choose accommodation away from the main nightlife or you could stay in nearby Stalis.


The village of Stalis virtually touches Malia, but is still has a unique character. It is a far quieter place than Malia, but there are still plenty of great bars and restaurants. The nightlife is there, just not as wild as what is on offer in Malia. During the day you will be able to enjoy the resorts beautiful sandy beach, which has many restaurants along it.

Behind Stalis is the beautiful village of Mohos, which is the perfect place to experience the real Crete. Nearby Krasi is also a lovely village that offers a change of scene and a cooler environment.

If you enjoy boat trips you will like the short trip over to the small island of Dia. Daytrips to Knossos, Heraklion, and the Archaeological Museum are also available from this village. This means that you can enjoy the best of all worlds if you stay in Stalis and use it as a base to explore more of the island.


Hersonissos is a small port and harbour town that has recently grown into a full-blown resort. It was formerly four separate villages, which is part of the reason it is such a delightful place to stay. Each area of the municipality has something unique to offer the tourist.

Many visitors enjoy the Aquaworld Aquarium where they can see and learn about the local reptiles and sea life. Most of the animals have been rescued locally and cannot be returned to the wild.

The Lychnostatis Open Air Museum is also well worth a visit. It is a reconstruction of a small-scale traditional Cretan village.


Chania is the 2nd largest city on the island with a long history. It is home to a large archaeological museum, a folklore museum and the nautical museum of Crete as well as several other interesting museums. There is also a large Municipal Art Gallery and Chania is home to the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Crete. If you enjoy culture and history, you will love Chania.

As you can see, Crete is an island that is well worth visiting.



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