No Kids Please We’re On Holiday!

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Not all families are alike. Some have children, some don’t. Some children are teenagers: some aren’t. Some children are models of politeness and good behaviour at all times, even when they’re tired, hungry or excited and those are what is technically known as ‘fictional’!

Real children, however quiet and lovely they are most of the time, have to let off steam occasionally because it’s good for them. But when you’re on holiday, a hotel full of children ‘letting off steam’ is not that good for you. Luckily, there are holidays that guarantee a child-free environment – at least while you’re in the hotel or resort.


Relaxing on Vacation at the Beach in Cancun, Mexico
© Andrew Hitchcock

People likely to book an ‘adults-only’ holiday include:

  • Couples who want a romantic break without being giggled at if they sneak a kiss over the breakfast table.
  • Older people who relish the idea of peace and quiet.
  • Single people who want to mix with other singles.
  • If you have six children in the house and really deserve a break
  • Stag or hen parties. After all, nobody wants to hear a child ask “Why is that man wearing a dress and tied to the lamppost?” Especially if it turns out the ‘man’ in question is the bride-to-be. Embarrassing!

If you fall into one of these categories or have another reason for wanting to enjoy a child-free zone, then consider taking an adults-only holiday.

Although you’re likely to pay more for the privilege of being exclusively with adults, there’s also the advantage of being able to travel during the off-peak season, rather than being a slave to school holiday dates. Unless you’re a teacher, in which case you’re just unlucky and will probably have to pay the extra cost, but imagine how good it would feel to have one or two weeks without having to listen to children!

Adults-only hotels are more likely to provide entertainment to suit the mature mind, or even the immature one, as long as it belongs to an adult. There may also be a greater range of fuller-flavoured food and alcohol, since they don’t have to provide for childish tastes, which doesn’t mean to say you wouldn’t be able to get fish and chips with a milk-shake if you felt like it.

Just one word of caution. If you’re on an adults-only holiday to enjoy a rare break from your family, try to avoid having one gin and tonic too many and showing photographs of your little darlings to everybody within reach. You might find them all avoiding you for the rest of your stay!

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