Mallorca’s Best Beach Guide

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You may think of Mallorca as a small island, and it is. However, it still has over 600 miles of coastline.

This means it has plenty of beach space. The island is home to some truly spectacular beaches. There is every kind of beach to choose from. Everything from the white sands of Cala Llombards to the surf beaches of Paguera. If paddling and rock pools are your thing Cala Deia Beach is the one.

Here is our pick of the best beaches in Mallorca:

Cala Llombards

We already mentioned this beach because of its white sand. It is a traditional beach, which is framed by pine trees. Locals still use it and a few still keep boats in sheds near the beach. The bar is great and the water is always calm, so if chilling out without passersby flicking sand all over your freshly oiled body is what you want this is the beach for you.


Cala Tuent

This is another beach that is sheltered by pine trees. It is a mix of sand and pebbles, so not great for you sand castle fans. However, it is a lovely spot very quiet, but a bit out of the way. If you are looking for somewhere special, a day at this beach fits the bill perfectly.


Palma Nova Beach

Holidays in Palma Nova are very popular, and with good reason. The beach here is sandy, long and packed with things to do. There are some great bars and restaurants as well as a huge range of water sports and boat trips to enjoy.


Cala Torta

This is a wonderful beach with white sand and turquoise water. It gets very busy in the summer and is crazy busy on local Red Days (Bank Holidays) when local families join the tourists. In the late autumn, it morphs into a surfing beach because the wind can be quite strong here.


S’ilot Beach

If you are looking for the quintessential tropical beach this is the one for you. It is a small cove with clear water lapping gently at soft sand. Of course, there are palm trees, but no coconuts. It is a sheltered bay, so no problems with the wind regardless of the time of the year. The restaurant on this beach is incredible, but they will happily do you a burger if you only want a light lunch.Calvia Beach

This is the jetsetter’s beach, so it is a party beach with a great beach club. It is mainly for the party people, but families do go there and the sand and sea are lovely.


Port d’Alcuidia

If you love sandcastles this is the beach for you and your family. Seven times a year huge Sandcastle Competitions are held. Sand artists take part, but everyone can enter because there is a range of classes. This beach has repeatedly been voted as one of the best in Europe.

This is just a flavour of the beautiful beaches that are available on Mallorca. Virtually any beach you choose on the island is going to delight you. The quality of the water is good virtually anywhere on Mallorca. There are 63 Blue Flag beaches to choose between. So, what are you waiting for? Get your bucket and spade and leave the hotel pool behind for the day. You will not regret it and will see this beautiful island in a new light.

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