Never Been to Turkey – Choose Oludeniz

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Turkey really is a fantastic destination. It offers everything you find in the more traditional Spanish, Italian and Greek resorts and more. The best way to demonstrate this is to tell you about one of Turkey’s best destinations – Ölüdeniz.


Whether you want to chill by the pool with a cocktail, complete with umbrella and sparkles, or you are an active person you will be happy in Ölüdeniz.

The beach life

It is defiantly a beach resort and a lot of the action takes place there. The area is famous for paragliding because the conditions are perfect for this great leisure activity. There are also plenty of other water sports to enjoy.

The area offers a range of different diving opportunities, but the scuba diving is the most popular. There are plenty of shallow areas to explore with wonderful clear water and beautiful underwater fauna, which means that there is a huge range of fish and sea life to enjoy. It is also a great place to learn to dive with plenty of licensed diving instructors. The waters are calm as well as clean.

Beautiful landscape

There are several private beaches in the area as well as four beautiful public beaches. They are all stunning, the blue lagoon in particular, which is a nature reserve.

It really is one of the best-preserved parts of Turkey, which is why paragliding is so popular. If you have never tried paragliding, Ölüdeniz is the place to try it.

Wonderful hotels

The hotels of Olu Deniz are exceptional. There is every kind of hotel you can think of in the area, but the luxurious resorts are the most popular. The nice thing about these hotels is that they are not crazy expensive. If you book an all-inclusive deal, you can enjoy a touch of luxury at a great price.

Food and drink

Many people worry that they cannot enjoy a drink while they are in Turkey. This is not true you can enjoy alcoholic drinks if you want to.

The nice thing is that many local people do not drink, so if you fancy a non-alcoholic drink there is a huge choice. Try an Ayran, which is a salty yogurt drink, which is great with seafood. Turkish sherbet forms the base of some amazing non-alcoholic drinks. However, if you are more of a cocktail person, do not worry because you will be able to get them in most bars and restaurants.

Any kind of food you can think of is available in Ölüdeniz. However, we recommend that you try some of the local food. It is tasty and not too spicy. Meze is a great way of eating. It is a plate of various foods, which are perfect with a drink.


If you are a night bird Ölüdeniz has a lot to offer. The Fethiye area has plenty of clubs and bars with entertainment that will suit most people.


The best thing about the area is that it still very Turkish. There is plenty of local culture to enjoy. This area has not been overwhelmed by tourism, so it is a good place to experience Turkish culture.


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