Packing Tips For a Weekend Break

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There really is nothing like a weekend city break for recharging the batteries. Just getting away from everything for a few days is a lovely way to give yourself a chance to really relax and unwind. Here are our tips for packing for a weekend break.

Cabin luggage instead of hold luggage

The fact that you are only going away for a couple of days gives you the chance to take a carryon bag rather than a full sized suitcase that has to go in the hold. This has the advantage of allowing you to go to the airport for your flight later, get off the other end and go straight to your hotel without having to wait at the luggage carousel.

With hand luggage, the airport experience is a lot more relaxing. However, you do need to be careful to check the rules. Each airline has different rules about what size, shape and weight you can take.

You will also need to pack your case a little differently. Remember that at airport security you will be required to take all electronics out of your luggage and put them through the scanner separately, so these need to be easily accessible. The last thing you need is to have to take your underwear out in public to get to your laptop.

Bear in mind that on some airlines you are only allowed one piece of cabin luggage. If you plan to take a handbag or buy duty free these will need to be put inside your case before you board the plane, so you need to leave space for that.

What to pack

Try to only pack what you need. Looking at the weather forecast a day or two before you go and pack accordingly is the best approach.

Try not to get too stressed about packing for a weekend. Bear in mind that it is only a couple of days and that because you are staying in a city you can buy virtually anything you need.

Always pack a little local currency. You only need enough to get a taxi to your hotel, and maybe to buy a meal or drink. That way if you lose your wallet or find the cash machine at the airport empty you will still have enough cash on you to get to your hotel. The next day you can get some cash from another cash machine, your hotel or a bureau de change.

Load your phone with apps

The best way to get the most out of a city break is to sit down and make some plans before you go. Remember you are only there for a couple of days, so you will need to get your bearings quickly. Downloading city maps and city relevant travel apps will really help you once you arrive.

Before you go look for deals and vouchers and either print them off or upload them to your phone. You will be surprised at how much you can save by doing this.

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