Where to go on your 2017 Ibiza Summer Holiday

The Mediterranean islands are yet again amongst the most popular summer holiday destinations this year, with the beautiful Ibiza in particular receiving a lot of attention from a range of people looking to escape the gloomy UK over the next few months.


Whilst there’s no doubt that Ibiza remains a clubbing mecca, and one of the best places for lovers of the nightlife to visit in Europe, it seems that the island is also finally starting to attract a wider range of people to its sunny shores, including families and couples looking for a quieter, more relaxing beach break. Its reputation as a rowdy place for drunken youngsters has lifted, giving it greater appeal to a cross-section of the holiday-going public.


There are areas of Ibiza that appeal to everyone, so it’s well worth considering this gem of the Med if you are thinking about booking your holiday in the next few weeks. Here’s our guide to where you should think about staying:


The 18-30 crowd

There’s no doubt where the best place to stay is if you are young and looking to party on your Ibiza holiday. San Antonio is renowned across the world for its amazing nightlife, with clubs like Es Paradis and Eden leading the way. Numerous international DJ’s regularly make appearances here throughout the summer season, so whenever you travel over you’re bound to catch one of your favourites. San Antonio is also on a stunning shoreline, meaning you can relax on the beach all day after a long night partying hard!


If you decide San Antonio isn’t for you, you can also find other nightclubs across the island, including Pacha close to the historic Ibiza town, as well as Amnesia and Privilege – both of which are found close to San Rafael in the centre of the island.



With the clubbing areas confined to certain parts of the island, a majority of Ibiza is suitable for a family-friendly summer break. One of the most popular destinations is Es Cana – found on the north east coast of the island. It’s a bustling resort which is home to a weekly hippy market where you can find a range of authentic souvenirs. You’ll also find one of the biggest beaches on the whole island, as well as smaller coves which are ideal for those with children of a younger age.


Alternatively, Cala Llonga is a relaxing resort which is brilliant for families. Its beach is long and with shallow waters it means you don’t have to worry too much about younger children playing in the sea.




Santa Eualia is one of the best options for couples looking to take a trip to the island, and is another resort which revolves around its two beautiful beaches. Here you have a range of great restaurants – ideal for those wanting to book a cheap holiday to Ibiza on a self-catering basis and experience the range of cuisine on offer. The water sports and activities on offer are bound to give you some fantastic memories to take home with you.


For couples wanting a romantic, more secluded getaway then Cala Tarida is a bit of a gem. There are lots of bars and restaurants in the resort, yet it doesn’t attract the bustling crowds that some of the larger, more well-known areas like Es Cana do. It also has a lovely beach which is ideal for snorkelling.

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Alcudia; the Perfect Family Holiday Destination

If you are looking for a top notch holiday in a beautiful climate that all the family can enjoy, then you need look no further than the spectacular Balearic Islands. Comprising of four main islands; Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Majorca, the Balearics have something for everyone. For families, the north coast of Majorca is home to the wonderful resort town of Alcudia.

Situated sixty two kilometers north of the capital city, Palma, Alcudia has been a favorite with families for some time now. Unlike many of the neighboring resorts and islands, this is not a loud resort and is a great place for adults and kids to enjoy some Spanish sunshine. Flights to Majorca are relatively short, making the trip an easy one for all the family. You won’t find any late night parties and lads on tour here. Instead this resort is primarily aimed at couples and families and is most well known for its relaxed and  laid back atmosphere. There’s enough going on in the evening to offer some entertainment without shaking the walls of your hotel room.

The climate is one of the biggest draws for holiday makers to the area. In summer time temperatures hover around thirty degrees and it stays dry and hot day in, day out; perfect weather for a sunshine holiday. What’s more is floating in off the blue waters of the Balearic Sea, is a light, refreshing sea breeze to keep you cool on those hot afternoons. Visiting in winter is also possible, although there can be some light rainfall in this season. Otherwise, the weather stays quite mild with temperatures in the mid-teens.

Keeping the family entertained during your holiday is a breeze, with so much to see and do on the island. For those interested in history and culture, or for anyone looking for a break from the sun loungers, there is the old town of Alcudia. The dominating city walls are impressive and you can gain a real insight into the culture of the area here. Walking tours can be easily organised and are a great way to gain a better perspective of the history and culture of Alcudia and the surrounding area. On the west side of the island is the port area, Porte D’Alcudia. This is an old fishing village where daily catches are served up to those who visit and it’s a great spot to relax on a sunny afternoon.

Alcudia is home to one of the longest stretches of sand on Majorca. With fine, clean sand, continuing for almost ten kilometers there is loads of space for the kids to run around while the adults kick back and soak up the sun. Along the main beach there are plenty of cafes and restaurants nearby making it a big hit with holiday makers. Other than the main beach there are a host of other options not too far away where you can spend your days relaxing or getting active with the many watersports on offer.

An Alcudia family holiday will be one to remember. With perfect weather, beautiful beaches, great shopping and plenty of local culture and history to experience there’s something for everyone on the north coast of Majorca.

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Tips for travelling with tots this summer

holidays with young children

Planning and going on holiday is never the easiest of tasks at the best of times and the challenge only increases as soon as you throw children and a hot climate into the mix. However, travelling with children to a hot holiday destination need not be hard work. Here’s a ten point guide for a no-sweat hot summer holiday with little ones.

1. Get creative –
Holidays abroad, especially to hot exotic climes, could be a bit of a culture shock, so try some holiday themed activities before you go. Get your children to look at books, draw pictures and find the destination on a globe. Even try cooking some of the local cuisine to get their taste buds ready.

2. That’s my bag –
Help your child pack their very own bag full of toys to keep them entertained on the plane and beyond. Make sure it includes games for the beach and inflatables for the pool.

3. First aid –
Put together a medical kit of health essentials to ease any heat related maladies, as you may not be able to track them down when abroad. This includes a high factor sunscreen.

4. Check up –
Depending on where you are going you may or may not need to visit the doctor yourself for a course of inoculations and it is best to check what jabs your children may need before you jet off.

5. Layering –
Pack clothing wisely for the heat. Natural fibres are best as they will not irritate sensitive skin as much when your child sweats. Layering clothing is the best way to deal with changeable temperatures. Hats are a must and the best are those with a neck flap and a wide brim. Also sunglasses.

6. Shelter –
Invest in an easy to put up tent style shelter for the beach. These double up as a shelter from the sun and a wind breaker. It is also an enticing way to get children to come into the shade.

7. Cool activities –
Plan activities away from the blazing heat of the beach or poolside such as an amble around the shops, perhaps in search of some traditional, local toys to take back for your children and their friends, or lunch at a shady cafe with canopies.

8. Water, water, water –
Make sure your child keeps hydrated. It can be difficult to get children to drink water so try different things like squash and even ice lollies.

9. Dip –
Take a dip in the sea or pool with your child to cool down or even take a small paddling pool with you, which can be set up next to where you are sunbathing.

10. Relax –
Finally, just remember to take it easy. There is nothing worse for raising the temperature of parents and children alike than trying to schedule in too many activities. It is a holiday after all. Start your holiday with ease by booking your all inclusive holiday with A1travel.com to resorts including the Canary Islands, Majorca, Greece & Cyprus.

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4 Great Lanzarote Excursions for All the Family

As a nation, we are well known for taking our holidays in Spain, especially in the Costa del Sol and the island of Majorca. Yet there is a group of islands that is slightly further afield, but can offer a longer season when it comes to lovely sunny weather. The Canary Islands are located just off the northwest coast of mainland Africa, approximately 100 kilometres west of the border between Morocco and the Western Sahara. This amazing position is worth the extra flight time, and makes for a great destination even during the spring and autumn months.


If you are tempted to book a holiday to these islands, you might want to consider Lanzarote. It is perfect for families, as well as for older travellers, groups of friends and couples. There are plenty of things to do on the island so you will never have the chance to be bored. Here are just a few of the top suggestions that you should keep in mind:


Timanfaya National Park

Lanzarote’s number one attraction is Timanfaya National Park, an awe-inspiring area that dates back to 1730. Here you will find Montañas del Fuego, known as the Fire Mountains. These volcanoes haven’t erupted since 1824, but the area hasn’t changed much since then due to low rainfall levels. This much is exciting enough for visitors, but there are also rare plant species and a restaurant that serves local cuisine using geothermal heat. This appeals to a lot of tourists who want to see food cooking on a cast-iron grill placed over a large hole in the ground. Finally, you can also take a ride on a camel if you are happy to pay a little extra.


Cesar Manrique Foundation

If you want to enjoy a bit of culture on your visit, you might appreciate a visit to Cesar Manrique’s old home. This famous artist is known for lobbying for strict planning rules on the island, and actually built his home based on his own guidelines. It is now a museum run by a foundation in his name and is full of fascinating objects and really unique rooms. The home was built into volcanic caves which makes it all the more impressive. Over 300,000 people visit the museum each year.


Rancho Texas Park

Families will love Lanzarote’s largest theme park, Rancho Texas Park. As you can probably tell by the name, it is based on the Wild West theme and has many related rides and attractions. There are also plenty of animals to see such as giant tortoises, crocodiles and donkeys. When it gets really hot, there are also a couple of water rides ideal for cooling down.


Los Jameos del Agua

If you are lucky enough to be on the island during the Festival of Visual Music (usually in October) you will be able to take advantage of Los Jameos del Agua. This place is an underground grotto that has been transformed into an auditorium. Los Jameos del Agua is the work of Manrique who is mentioned above; his influences spread far and wide on the island of Lanzarote.


Now that you know what makes a Lanzarote holiday so tempting, why don’t you check out our latest offers? You could be exploring the volcanoes and attractions in no time…

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7 ways to help travellers save on the cost of their holiday

We are all aware that a holiday abroad can be an excellent way to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation while spending some quality time with friends and family. However, money is always a very real concern. Many travellers vastly exceed their initial budgets and as a result, a holiday can quickly evolve into a financial nightmare. Let’s take a look at the top seven ways to protect your valuable funds. After all, a bit of planning can go a long way.

  1. Voucher Codes

Online voucher codes are some of the best ways to save a substantial amount of money on airfare, accommodations and visitor attractions. Many of these virtual coupons are absolutely free and they can be easily found by visiting major suppliers. The top three in the industry are:

These massive e-commerce sites are quite easy to navigate and travellers can normally find the most relevant voucher codes for their needs in a matter of seconds. As many codes will expire on a regular basis, it is a good idea to check back regularly in order to make sure that all deals are up to date.


  1. Timing

While this is an obvious concern, many of those contemplating a holiday will nonetheless put off their plans until the last minute. We always need to keep in mind that the costs associated with travel arrangements and accommodations will increase as the intended departure date draws near. It is therefore wise to book any reservations at least eight weeks ahead of the selected date.

It is also important to address the best times of the year to travel in relation to timing. Dates revolving around Christmas and New Year’s tend to be the most expensive and it can be difficult to encounter the most amenable hotel rates. Those who are looking to save money could instead plan their holiday during times of the year when less travellers are abroad. The early spring and the early autumn are two common alternatives in this case.


  1. Take Your Own Child Seats

It is very common to require a car hire service when taking a holiday abroad. Whether exploring the Pyrenees or cruising along the southern cost of Spain, cars can be an extremely convenient alternative to mass transit. However, those travelling with children could run into a significant problem. Child seats are known to be notoriously expensive; sometimes rivalling the price of the vehicle in question. This is particularly the case when there are two or more infants present. It is much better to bring an existing car seat along. Still, be sure to take into account any shipping or checked baggage charges that may apply during a flight.


  1. Pre-booking and Airport Parking

Logistics will play a role in any holiday and the ability to encounter agreeably priced airport parking is a perfect example. We once again need to mention the importance of booking a parking reservation well in advance. Additionally, be sure to check for any voucher or discount codes that may be offered. These actions will result in two benefits. First, it is likely that you will be able to save a substantial amount of money in terms of daily fees and medium-term rentals. Secondly, booking in advance will enable you to encounter a wider variety of locations; ideal if you are unfamiliar with a specific destination.


  1. Appreciating Currency Exchange Rates

Many travellers fail to take into account the importance of exchange rates until they arrive at their destination. High commissions and exorbitant processing fees will often eat into any amenable rates that could have otherwise been enjoyed. Additionally, many airport exchange centres do not offer the most current rates. It is much better to exchange cash at a local bank before you leave the country. It is highly unlikely that your financial institution will charge any type of fee during the process. This can equate to a truly massive difference when changing a few thousand pounds into another currency such as the dollar or the euro.


  1. The Importance of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is arguably the most overlooked area when planning a holiday. Let us never forget that a normal domestic insurance policy might not include any additional coverage while abroad. Some examples of when visitors are forced to pay massive fees include:

  • Purchasing medication.
  • A car accident.
  • Treating an ongoing medical condition.
  • A sudden emergency such as falling on a ski slope.


Other situations include the theft of a passport or a wallet; both instances which can cause a great deal of consternation. Without travel insurance, the financial losses could be substantial and there have even been times when a holiday has been cut short due to a lack of insurance altogether. Thankfully, sites such as Travel Voucher Codes are able to provide flexible and personalised packages. Some of these will cost as little as £1 pound per day! Policies can be customised around your discrete needs and there are also options for those who plan on taking regular holidays throughout the year.


  1. Mobile Phone Concerns

A locked phone is a sure-fire way to accrue massive roaming charges within a short period of time. Some have even amassed bills well into the thousands of pounds on a two-week holiday alone! The major advantage of an unlocked phone (also known as a pay-as-you-go phone) is that a SIM card can be purchased once you arrive at your destination. It is possible to select different data plans based off of how often you intend to make calls or access the Internet. A final benefit here is that you will no longer have to worry about losing your expensive smartphone while out and about.


Another option is to reroute your phone calls to an existing Skype plan. Your Skype account can likewise be redirected to your phone. While you will still be charged a certain amount per minute, these fees are substantially reduced when compared to common roaming charges.


Putting it All Together

So, we can clearly see that there are a number of useful methods to save money while enjoying a holiday away from home. The key takeaway point is to plan ahead and to take advantage of online resources such as voucher codes. Please feel free to utilise this article as a checklist when arranging your journey. A bit of foresight can go a long way towards ensuring a satisfying and economical holiday.

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Why Benidorm is Perfect For All the Family

Benidorm really is the ideal destination for a family holiday. The days of uncouth youths misbehaving on rowdy, hot nights out are long past, and today this unique resort town on the Costa Blanca is the sort of place that people of all ages can enjoy, without having to spend an arm and a leg.

Beach Life

The beautiful sweep of five kilometres of white sandy beaches was the cause for Benidorm’s original popularity. You can bask under the hot sun with an average temperature in July of 26°C and 13 hours of sunlight. When it gets too hot, slip into the cool blue sea – the average summer temperature in the water is 24ºC – certainly more than pleasant enough.

If you like busy beaches, then you will love Playa de Poniente Beach. For quieter days, try the beaches at Levante or Malpas. Whichever beach you visit, you will be spoilt for choice as to places to eat, whether you enjoy the local tapas and seafood, or prefer more British tastes. There are plenty of water sports available for the more adventurous, or you can easily take a boat excursion out to the Isla de Benidorm.

Family Friendly

The Aqualandia water park is a great day out for everyone with its rides, chutes and rapids. The kids will be equally enthralled if you take them on day trip to Alicante to see Santa Barbara Castle, with its moats, canons and dungeons. Children of all ages will also enjoy the Benidorm Aquarium. Parents will be happy to hear that many hotels have kids’ clubs, affording Mum and Dad some much-needed time off!

Shopping in Benidorm

Take a trip down to the cobbled streets of the magnificent old town and explore the many shops and boutiques while admiring the sun-bleached, whitewashed splendour of the architecture. Alicante does not disappoint on the shop front either, if you are looking for designer labels or local arts and crafts.

Food and Nightlife

There is nothing quite so Spanish as tapas and you will find plenty on offer in Benidorm, especially in the Old Town. A plate of these little delicacies with a glass of Rioja is a true Spanish delight for Mum, Dad and the kids (perhaps without the Rioja!). There are plenty of other local delicacies on offer too. If you hanker for a taste of the old country, or if the kids are demanding pizza or fish and chips, don’t worry, because there are plenty of English and continental restaurants close by, like the famous King’s Arms and the Pig and Whistle. When the kids are safely tucked up in bed with the hotel nanny on hand to make sure they stay safe, parents can enjoy a taste of Benidorm’s nightlife, perhaps in the famous Levante beach bars.

It is clear that Benidorm really does make the ideal destination for the family holiday this year. We have all seen and enjoyed the sitcom named after this sunny Spanish town, but remember that it is just that: a comedy. The reality is just as much fun, but in an altogether classier way.

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A Guide to the Top Nightlife & Events in 2017 – Magaluf and Palma Nova

Last year the island of Majorca attracted more than 2 million visitors from the United Kingdom, the highest number seen since the statistics began to be published in 2010. There are sure to be a number of contributing factors, but it is likely due to the current economic climate, the availability of holidays to Majorca, the pleasant temperatures, and the selection of activities and amenities that are present in the island resorts.


This last point is certainly one to note, and will be something that you will want to look into if you are due to visit in the island in the coming months. A lot of holidaymakers pick resorts based on what is on offer – after all, it can be a lot of fun when there are events and activities available around the clock. For this reason, Magaluf and Palma Nova are the hotspots for many UK travellers, and it isn’t hard to see why.


If you are visiting either of these neighbouring resorts this year, check out what’s on in terms of nightlife and events – you’ll find it hard to be disappointed…


Palma Nova

Foodies will be spoiled in the resort of Palma Nova as there are so many restaurants to choose from. New establishments pop up each year, meaning nearly every cuisine is on offer – whether you are travelling as a couple or a group, there is definitely something for everyone. Mealtimes are to be enjoyed late into the evening in Majorca, and they don’t end with the last bite of food. It is customary to sit and watch the world go by with a couple of after-dinner drinks, such as the local sangria.


There is plenty of night-time entertainment to be found too, ranging from the karaoke tribute acts to the spectacular adventure golf course. The evening is a popular time to take on the Golf Fantasia challenge as it can be tiring work in the midday sunshine. There are three 18 hole courses to take on so leave yourself enough time to do them, or do one course each night.



Just down the road is the resort of Magaluf where the bright lights announce that it is playtime for the 18-30 crowd. Those looking for a memorable evening should head to Pirates Adventure, a brilliant dinner show incorporating acrobatics, gymnastics and dancing. Of course, you can also opt to attend the 18+ Pirates Reloaded which has an “adult twist”. Linford Christie described Pirates Adventure as a “show that shouldn’t be missed”. It also has a certificate of excellence based on hundreds of positive reviews.


Perhaps the main draw of Magaluf for many people are the bars and clubs. These are the places that are known for world class DJs and legendary nights; some people are unable to draw themselves away from the festivities and only head to bed when the sun starts creeping back into the sky. Superclub BCM has its reopening party towards the end of April, and will update their event calendar closer to the lively summer months. Magaluf venue Mallorca Rocks has already announced that big acts like Tinie Tempah (1 July) and Bastille (5 August) will be playing, so don’t forget to buy your tickets ahead of time.

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Five Ideas for an Easter Family Holiday


With the year seemingly speeding by, many families are starting to plan their Easter getaway in the upcoming weeks. Despite it turning to spring it can still be quite chilly and damp in the UK at this time of year, so jetting off to the Mediterranean where weather is more reliably sunny makes it a popular destination. Flowers are blooming and you might even catch a bit of a tan!

Here are five ideas for your Easter holiday getaway this year.

Greece is big on Easter – really big! In fact Easter is one of the country’s biggest festivals. This usually means that most family attractions are closed from Good Friday until the following Tuesday, but if you opt to stay in one of the larger towns or cities, like Athens, you should be able to find things to do to keep you and the children occupied over the long weekend. There’s a hot-air balloon festival in Leonidio on Easter Saturday, or a pot-throwing festival in Corfu. Many of the beaches on the islands are warm but not overcrowded at this time of year, so it can be ideal for the whole family.

View of Corfu castle. Courtesy of Flickr

View of Corfu castle. Courtesy of Flickr


Turkey is also a great destination for families at this time of year. You can hire a luxurious villa and chill by its pool, or try a gulet cruise. A gulet is a traditional, two-mast wooden boat and there are several companies that offer family-friendly day trips around the coast. There’s also the option of heading to the lesser-known but stunning region of Cappadoccia for an astronomy tour among the area’s fairytale mountains.

Image courtesy of Flickr

Image courtesy of Flickr

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and during Easter it shouldn’t be too crowded. Your best bet is to head towards the southern coast of the island to dip your toes in the Libyan Sea, as it’s warmer than the other areas at this time of year. The beaches can be quite rocky there, but they offer great diving and snorkelling opportunities. For lazing around with the kids, try the beaches at Amoudara and Analipsis. You can also go for day trips on ferries to the smaller islands around Crete, like Chrysi Island.

Beach in Crete

Beach in Crete

Benidorm sometimes gets a bad rap, with tales of debauched hen and stag nights, but the reality is very different and it’s actually very family-friendly. There are plenty of water parks like Aqualandia and Terra Mitica, or you could visit the underground caverns at Canelobre. There are jeep safaris and boat rides a-go-go. If that all sounds like hard work you’ll find Benidorm has lovely clean beaches, including Poniente, Pal Mas and Levante. There’s a short boat-ride from Pal Mas to the Peacock Island nature reserve if you do fancy a more active day out.

Benidorm Beach

Benidorm Beach

Portugal is also very fond of Easter, and the Algarve is home to lots of Easter festivals, fairs and processions if that’s your sort of thing. Head to Tavira on Palm Sunday to see a colourful Carmelite procession wind through the streets, or try out a “Folar Fair” in any of the area’s towns and villages. Folar cakes are moist cakes topped with – of all things – a boiled egg! Alternatively, choose any of the Algarve’s many beaches, like Praia de Rocha in Portimao, or Meia Prais in Lagos. If you like miniature railways, there’s a ride between Pedras del Rei to Praia da Ilha de Tavira in the Eastern Algarve. The choice is yours!


The Algarve

The Algarve

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Top Reasons to Visit Rhodes: Greece’s Entertainment Island


If you still haven’t booked your summer holiday for 2014, you might want to turn your attention to our cheap deals to Rhodes – it could be your perfect opportunity to discover a popular destination that has a lot going for it.


Rhodes is one of the Greek islands located in the eastern Aegean Sea. It’s a brilliant destination for a summer holiday for a number of reasons, including the climate, culture and location – the flight time to the island is less than four hours from the United Kingdom, which is much quicker than jetting off to the Caribbean. Rhodes is also known as the ‘entertainment island’, meaning you wouldn’t be short of things to do on your travels.


So whether you are looking for a trip for you and a few mates, your family, or an escape for you and your partner, find out what you could get up to on your visit this summer….


Party all night in Faliraki

If you fall into the group of ‘18-30 singles’, you might want to make your way to Faliraki for a couple of weeks of hedonistic excitement. This is because Faliraki is home to two strips full of bars and clubs for your enjoyment. You will find foam parties, boat parties and many other ways to let off steam; at the end of your stay you will be gutted to leave behind the daily routine of heading to bed at sunrise…


Make a splash in Rhodes

Close to Faliraki is one of the largest water parks in Europe, so this could be the perfect place for you to visit if you have kids with you. This year the Faliraki Water Park opens on the 5th May, meaning it is even accessible to those who prefer to take their holidays slightly earlier. There are rides for all ages as well as a wave pool, so it really is possible to keep everyone entertained – just remember the suntan lotion!


Sunbathe in Kiotari

Speaking of which, you will need this if you visit the resort of Kiotari – a relatively new addition to the holiday scene. It is worth getting to know though as there is a four kilometre Blue Flag beach to make the most of. Couples and families can claim an area of sand for themselves, whilst younger thrillseekers can get their adrenaline pumping with a spot of parasailing over the bay.


Try something new in Ialyssos

There is also something of a sporty vibe to be found in the resort of Ialyssos should you wish to explore it further. Mountain biking and horse riding are some of the most popular activities to enjoy here, so it could be the ideal time for you to try something new. Of course, you can still use the sea to cool down though, with scuba diving and snorkelling also on offer in this resort. Those looking to stay in shape in between all of the holiday extravagance will appreciate the fitness club which offers aerobics classes and other facilities.

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2017’s Most Expensive Cities to Live

Special thanks to Hansen & Company for this infographic

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