Pricey Euros Doesn’t Mean Expensive Holidays

Holiday Money
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This winter¬†travellers will find that the pound in the their pocket is worth less once converted in to Euros. But this doesn’t mean pricier holidays, as holidaymakers off to places like Spain, Italy, Portual & Greece will find that many bars and restaurants as actually slashing prices to get the crowds. In many cases it has been found that its actually cheaper this year with a higher exchange rate then it was last. ¬†Unfortunately this good news doesn’t extend to the dollar where the exchange rate has increased massively year on year.

So if your looking for a bit of sunshine on a budget don’t just consider the price of the holiday as a factor as food and drink can in many cases dwarf the cost of the actual holidays. If your not the type of holdiaymaker who goes for an all-inclusive holiday, consider southern Europe if you really want to stretch those holiday pound notes.

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