Reasons Why You Should Book a Winter Holiday to Lanzarote

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If, when you look in the mirror, a tired, stressed and washed out person looks back at you it is time for some winter sun. Lanzarote is the perfect answer. Here’s why we recommend everyone goes to Lanzarote at least once during the winter.

Year round sunshine

Unlike most other European holiday destinations Lanzarote remains hot even in the winter. Naturally, it is not as hot as in the summer, but it is still warm and, most days, very sunny. The sun takes longer to warm things up in the winter, but daytime temperatures of between 20 and 24C are the norm between November and February.

Low cost holidays

You will always find the best deals for a Lanzarote holiday during the winter months. In fact, it is so cheap that retirees from the UK actually hibernate there. They spend three or four months enjoying the sun and hospitality, which brings us to another reason to choose Lanzarote.

A great welcome

The people of Lanzarote are very welcoming all year round, but in the winter things are a bit more relaxed. They have more time to spend with each guest and are quite happy to have a chat and tell you about the local attractions. If you stay on the island in the winter, you get a far better sense of what the island is really like and can enjoy the local culture more.

Enjoy the islands natural resources

In the summer there is far less water around. The island still looks pretty, but the lack of water means it dries out a lot. This in turn means that everything gets a bit prickly.

During the summer months, you can still hike and go for bike rides, but the heat, insect life and prickly undergrowth all conspire against you, so that you have to be fit and keen to explore the island in this way.

You really do have to be mad to be out in the midday sun during the summer. It is really hot – 30c+, so a siesta when the sun is at its highest is essential, which takes a bite out of your exploring day.

In the winter, everything is much greener. It looks spectacular and you can hike, cycle or horse ride all day if you want to. It is warm, but not so warm that you have to take shelter indoors as you have to in the summer.

The spectacular Timafaya National Park is beautiful year round, but in the winter, it takes on a completely new aspect. You can visit the mini-geysers and enjoy eating in the restaurant.

Also, open in the winter is the Guinate Tropical Park. There is plenty to see including wallabies, meerkats, monkeys and an amazing array of birds, which over winter on the island.

Empty beaches

The other nice thing about Lanzarote in the winter is the beach life. Most days it is hot enough to go on the beach.

In the winter, there is always plenty of space on the beach. There are less sun beds and vendors, which means it all looks more natural than it does in the summer.

Winter surfing and a yellow submarine

Mind you if a tranquil beach is what you are after you may want to avoid the surfing beaches in the winter. They still get packed.

The Atlantic swell builds between October and March, which results in spectacular waves. Lanzarote is not called the Hawaii of Europe for nothing. The water is not exactly balmy, but it is certainly warmer than the UK and with over 20 reefs, surrounding the island there is plenty of choice wave wise.

Another unique experience you can enjoy in the winter is the Yellow Submarine ride. You will have to travel to, or stay around, the Puerto Calero area, but it is well worth taking the time. There really is nothing quite like seeing the marine world from a submarine.

What to do next

If this article has whetted your appetite, (did we mention the fantastic Spanish food?), all you have to is to choose a date and book. You will always find the best deals for a Lanzarote holiday when you book through us.


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