A Simple Guide to Travelling Europe

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Travelling Europe is something that many travellers do each year. It could be the beginning of a round the world trip, or a short city break before getting back to work. However you’re planning on seeing Europe, this simple guide can help you:


Pack Light

 Travelling all around Europe can be hard work. There will be lots of different kinds of transport involved, and you’ll be staying in all kinds of accommodation. Make sure you pack light. This will mean you reduce the stress of packing/unpacking and carrying a heavy load. Bear in mind you’ll probably acquire things on your travels, so leave space. Pack as light as possible! Much less than you think you need.


Watch Out for Scams

 There are going to be scams and chancers just about everywhere you go. Make sure you research them so you’re in the know. If something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.


Create a Rough Plan

 Rather than creating a solid plan, create a rough plan to help you. You’re probably going to want to change it at some point, so make sure you stay flexible.


Make Sure You Budget

 You must budget if you want enough money to do the whole of Europe. At first you’ll feel like you have lots of cash, but you need to be thrifty. You can travel Europe on a shoestring budget, but it isn’t easy.


Choose Your Activities Carefully

 Make sure you choose the things you want to do carefully. You don’t have to do every single tourist attraction. You don’t have to see every canal. Only do the things you really want to do to make this trip unique to you.


Get a Visa if You Need One

 If you need a visa, make sure you apply for one with plenty of time in advance. Do not leave this until last minute, whatever you do!


Get Insurance Apply for an EHIC

 Insurance will give you peace of mind and can reimburse you should anything go wrong. Having an EHIC can help you to get treated like a local should you injure yourself or fall ill. If you want to know more, you can find out here.


Do Plenty of Free Things

 If you’re on a budget, make sure you find plenty of free things to do. There are always going to be free things you can get involved in.


Consider Couch Surfing

 Couch surfing is a great way to save money on accommodation. It might not be the most comfortable of set ups, but it can make it much easier on your wallet!


Look Into Luxury Hostels

 Most people turn their nose up at hostels, but they can be amazing places to stay where you meet great people. Look into luxury hostels if you want your own room and some better facilities. You won’t be disappointed!

 Travelling Europe doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult. Just make sure you’re protected, pack light, and away you go. You barely need to plan anything in advance to have a good time. Just be smart and stay safe!


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