The rise of stag and hen weekends abroad

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More and more Brits are taking their stag or hen party abroad, according to research published by earlier this year.


Back in April, the price comparison site listed the most popular international destinations for stag and hen parties, with holiday hotspots like Ibiza, Barcelona and Benidorm making the top five for members of both sexes.

Interestingly, Ibiza – which many people might think of as a ‘lads’ destination – actually topped the list of locations for hen parties, but ranked only fifth for stag parties.


Men most often head to Barcelona, according to the study, while stag parties often also visit popular city break destinations such as Prague and Amsterdam, while hens head to Marbella and Majorca.


Overall, the average expenditure comes in at £276 per person, rising to over £500 in 11% of cases – but boozy behaviour and drunken antics can lead to extra costs being incurred.


More than an eighth (13%) of those surveyed admitted to being asked to leave their hotel due to being overly drunk, highlighting perhaps the main risk faced during such times of celebration.


If you’re thinking of having your hen or stag party overseas, checking prices upfront could be key to convincing your nearest and dearest to make the journey with you.


The research found 51% of all Britons think an overseas bachelor or bachelorette party is ‘a big ask’, 26% think it is likely to be too expensive, and 18% have turned down an invite in the past due to cost issues.


But with lifelong memories to be made, those who take the plunge often don’t regret doing so – and 7% even give themselves a permanent reminder of the trip in the form of a piercing or tattoo.


With 16% – roughly one in six – of the survey’s respondents saying they expect to attend a hen or stag party abroad in 2013, this is clearly a trend that is here to stay.


To make sure all of your friends and family are able to join you during your special weekend or week away, check the prices in advance, so that you can tell them an estimated budget for all of the transport, accommodation and activities you have planned.


Don’t forget your travel insurance either, and as long as you exercise due care and attention – and don’t get too drunk during your revelling – you should be protected against any mishaps.

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