The Top 5 Holiday Destinations To Visit This September

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It’s not too late to cram your summer holiday in this year. Whilst September may be considered autumn by most people, the weather’s often just as hot. There’s also likely to be less crowds and cheaper rates as the kids go back to school (no screaming children could also be a bonus for many!). Here are some of the top places to soak up the sun this September.


The Algarve

Portugal’s southernmost region is renowned for its white beaches and scenic fishing villages. You can work up a tan on your sun lounger or take a tour of the local coves by boat. It’s also a hotspot for golfers, offering a multitude of different golf resorts. Temperatures will usually be in their mid-twenties around this time of the year, although it’s not uncommon for the heat to rise into the thirties on some days.



The Greek island of Corfu has everything from an active nightlife to historical sights. You can relax on Gouvia Beach and catch some rays or take a hike up Mount Pantokrator to the ancient monastery at the top, where you can see as far as Albania. Corfu generally remains hot all the way through to early October. Whilst in summer it can often get uncomfortably hot, the air is cooler during this month making many of the island’s more active pursuits worthwhile.



If you’re looking for a sunny escape with good food and wine on offer, Crete is the place to be. It’s one of the largest producers of olive oil and is also renowned for its coffee and cheeses. There’s also a lot of ancient history to explore, including the remains of Europe’s oldest city Knossos. Of course, if you’re not looking for a cultural trip, the exotic island still has fabulous beaches and bars to escape to. And whilst the air will be cooler (although still hot), the sea is much warmer during this month.



There’s a reason that Majorca remains a hotspot for UK tourists. Whilst the likes of Magaluf provide the perfect night life for young people, other areas such as Cala Bona have become the perfect peaceful retreat for older tourists. On top of golden beaches, there are castles and cathedrals, hiking and cycling trails up mountains and a huge selection of restaurants. The temperature is unlikely to drop beneath 20 C.



Tenerife is part of the Canary Islands and is so southerly that it remains hot pretty much all year round. The volcanic island sports some amazing coastlines and resorts that are perfect for those wanting to work on their tan. For those that want an active holiday, you can take excursions into the island’s mountainous centre, in which you can visit Mount Teide, Spain’s highest peak (it’s also an active volcano). There are also plenty of lively bars and restaurants in Tenerife, as well as food-themed fetes in which you can try the island’s local delicacies.


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