Things to do in Marrakech Morocco

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The city of Marrakech is an amazing place. If you have only ever visited European cities, you are in for a treat. This huge metropolis offers something very different.

Holidays to Marrakech offer a whole new world full of sights and sounds they have never experienced before. You could stay in the city for months and still not enjoy everything it has to offer, but below we have outlined some of the highlights to help to make your first visit as special as possible.

A trip to the souks

There are several modern shopping centres in the city, but by far the most interesting way to shop in Marrakech is to visit the local souks. These mazes of streets are packed with shops selling everything you can think of.

However, to some extent, each souk specialises. For example, there are a lot of carpet sellers in the La Porte d’Or and numerous wooden sculptor retailers in the La croix d’Agadez. If you know what you want, try to visit the souks that specialise in those items. Doing so is an easy way to get the best choice and bargains.


Visit the tranquil Jardin Majorelle

A visit to this beautiful garden is a must. It is an oasis of calm in a, sometimes, frenetic place.

Jacques Majorelle designed this impressive12-acre garden. This French artist lived in Morocco for over 40 years. As a result, the gardens are an interesting blend of art deco and Moorish design.

The Majorelle Garden in Marrakech

Enjoy a massage

For thousands of years the people of this city have been visiting the city’s baths, or hammams, to get clean, have a massage and socialise. This practice is still a big part of the culture, and it is something that every visitor to the city should try at least once.

There are loads of hammams in the city, so you are spoilt for choice. One of the best is the Les Bains de Marrakech. Their four hands massage is particularly popular.

Experience some local music and art

The Moroccans love music and culture. Marrakech hosts several large arts and music festivals. If you want to experience local music, art and film, book your visit to coincide with one of these. Even if you do not manage to do this, you can still enjoy the local street musicians.

There is a growing art scene in the city. Le Jardin is a cafe that is particularly popular with local artists, so that is a good starting point. The city is home to 25 art galleries with more opening each year, so you can choose to visit some of them.

Visit the Jemaa el-Fnaa

This square is probably the liveliest in the city. It is full of trinket sellers, snake charmers and other performers. You will see things here that are not available anywhere else in the city.

It is also worth going back at night, when the atmosphere changes completely. Normally there are different street performers and sellers for you to enjoy, as well as the chance to try out some of the local cuisine.

If you find yourself tiring of the city, you can things up a bit, and take a day trip. A day spent exploring the Atlas Mountains or visiting the Essaouira beach will soon recharge your batteries, and get you ready to continue to explore the beautiful city of Marrakech.

Marrakech Jemaa el-Fnaa


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