Three great reasons to spend your Christmas on Tenerife

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Not everyone enjoys the bitter temperatures that this season brings. The novelty of snow soon fades as it turns to slush, and for a lot of people, the thought of ending another year under the bleak, grey skies of the UK is not an enjoyable one. But what’s the alternative? If you’re asking yourself this question, you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to tell you that the top winter sun destination this year is Tenerife, and here are just a few reasons why…


  1. Swap stress for serenity

Although Christmas is traditionally a time when you bring the family together, it can also be incredibly stressful. The need to trudge through the crowded streets in search of presents, the seemingly endless list of food you need to buy, the planning that goes into the Christmas Day dinner, and the concern you feel all day about keeping everyone happy.


This certainly doesn’t sound like a festive fun, but it’s all too familiar for a lot of families, so why not shake off all of that worry and head for the soothing rays of the sun instead? Stay in a luxury hotel, be pampered by the pool and you won’t have to lift a finger for Christmas dinner. All you need to remember is the pile of presents for the family.


  1. Get into the Christmas spirit

If you’re thinking that a Balearic Island won’t have the same Christmas impact that home does, then you’d be wrong! And what’s more, without the cold weather hampering your spirits, you’ll find it much easier to enjoy the festivities. Every street is decorated with the warm glow of Christmas lights, and whenever you leave your hotel room or apartment, you’ll be greeted to the dazzling festive displays in the heart of most towns and cities.


If you want nativity scenes, or belén, then you’ve definitely arrived on the right island, as each year the sculptures get bigger and better. A tradition amongst locals is to scour the cities in search of new designs, as you’ll find everything from simple shop-window displays to elaborate miniature towns with working parts outside town halls and mansions. This is a particularly good project for budding photographers.


  1. There’s so much to do

Aside from the usual decorations and past times, Tenerife has a fantastic nightlife around this time of year. Depending on which town you’re staying in, each will have their own Christmas concerts by the harbour, carol singers and markets.


Plus, if you still want a taste of that traditional December weather, you can always head up Mount Teide, which always has a covering of snow during the winter months where you can build snowmen or go tobogganing. If you’re not in the mood to go all that way however, why not opt for the ice rink at Magma, which always proves to be a huge attraction with tourists and locals alike.


Why not let us know what your festive getaway plans are in the comments section?

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