Three More Reasons Why You Need To Head To Pefkos This Year!

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Featured Image Credit “Creative Commons Pefkos” by KillamarshianUK licensed under CC BY 2.0

Pefkos is one of the most stunning areas on the Dodecanese island-capital of Rhodes. It offers breath-taking views of the crystal-Aegean Sea. This body of water seems to shift colour as it moves. Its waves catch the light and shimmer like bronze and the many Pine Trees which dot the island turn the ocean green around perfect points of luxury.

Holidays to Rhodes, and Pefkos in particular, are unique in that they are able to completely match what you want out of a holiday. Whether that is relaxing on silver sands whilst the playful ocean creeps closer to your toes or losing yourself in music and dancing until dawn in one of Pefkos’ many bars and nightclubs; whether you are looking for a romantic spot for two, offering luxurious candlelit meals overlooking stunning scenery or pacing through ancient ruins and World Heritage Sites, Rhodes is guaranteed to offer you a new and exciting experience.


Image Credit: Jay Ice

The Spectacular Scenery

From the incredible Pine forests to the soaring hilltops, simply travelling around the island is a holiday by itself! The Old Town of Rhodes itself is a World Heritage Site. It is a labyrinth of cobbled streets and open courtyards which can turn even the most jaded of travellers into excited tourists.

The Unique Architecture

Since the early 14th Century, Rhodes has been a blend of cultures and architectural wonders. This is due to the angular Gothic design of The Order of St. John combining with the curving majesty of Turkish occupation, and the sleek simplicity of Italian inspiration. All of these influences have combined with the original Grecian design to create a place unlike any other one the world.

Exhilarating Activities and an Unbeatable Nightlife

Of course, there’s no reason to think that holidays to Pefkos are sleepy, quiet affairs full of sunbathing, walking and breathing-in hundreds of years of history.

Rhodes Beach

image credit: Hostel Rhodes Stay


Holidays to Pefkos itself has dozens of bars, pubs, nightclubs and restaurants to keep you occupied at night. The modern bar/nightclub ‘The Rock Bar’ regularly hosts guest DJ’s and plays dance music throughout the night. The family-friendly ‘Angel Bar’ and the unique Geordie-Bar, ‘Bambooze’, are not too far away either. Which means that, whatever your taste in venue, you are certain to find somewhere to let your hair down and relax – or dance with the friendly and welcoming locals until you drop.

During the day, there are even more activities to enjoy! If you’re looking for a way to combine a thrilling experience with some unforgettable sights, then you need look no further than the Flyer’s Café/Bar, which is proud to offer scheduled flights in its very own Microlite Aeroplane!

The Glass Bottom Boat Trip, which runs twice a day from Pefkos to the nearby village of Lindos, and the Waterhoppers Scuba Diving School can enable you to see below the surface, and marvel at the creatures and formations which cluster around the shores of this stunning island.

Where To Stay?

Whilst you’re making the most of Rhodes unique and exhilarating nature and nightlife, be sure that you might the right decision about where you are going to stay. For the authentic Pefkos experience, you should be spending your down-time in an authentic, luxurious villa in Rhodes, which combines all the comforts of contemporary living with the rustic simplicity of bygone generations.


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