Three savings you’ll make when booking a low deposit holiday

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Booking holidays is usually an exciting prospect. The thought of far off lands and sunny beaches fills our heads, but for a lot of people these days, booking holidays can be a stressful time. Everyone wants to book in advance, even when they might not have sufficient funds.

There are tonnes of benefits to making the most of a low-cost deposit booking system, but these are the top three ways that they can help you make savings…

Save on stress

Deposit schemes give you peace of mind more than anything. You might have school holiday times to juggle, work commitments, large groups of friends to cater to; whatever your needs, a low-cost deposit could massively reduce your stress levels during the booking process.


You’ll be able to book well in advance the resort and location you’ve been researching for weeks, with the total peace of mind that it’s secured and your reservation has been held. However, you know that you can pay later, either in lump sums or via instalments.

Save on time

You’ve already spent hours looking for the best deal, and maybe weeks or months researching that perfect location, so why wait when it comes to the booking process? How many times have you agonised over a computer screen, wanting to book to secure your room, but without the funds to back it up?

By using a low-cost deposit scheme, it will allow you to focus on planning other parts of your trip, that would otherwise have been neglected had you left it until the last minute. Are all of your passports in date? Are there any special excursions that you need to book in advance? What about tickets to concerts and festivals in the area? Planning your time away will be so much easier.

Save on holiday money

There are two main ways that booking with a low-cost deposit can save you money. On the one hand, at the time of booking your rate will be fixed regardless of the exchange rate at the time of your stay. In recent years, the pound has weakened against the dollar and the euro, so it makes sense to make the most of it.

On the other hand, you can also save money because typically, the earlier you book the better. You’re far more likely to secure a better rate while demand is low, so by booking as far in advance as possible, you’re able to get the cheap holiday you want for less money, and without any of the stress.

 If you’d like to know more about how the low-cost deposit system works, then get in touch with us at A1travel. Our hotel-only deposits are from just £1, and package holidays are from £49, while you get to spread your payments with 0% interest. The best part is that you don’t even need to pay the final balance until two weeks prior to arrival, so you’ll have months to get yourself organised and your suitcases packed!


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