Tips for Holidaying with Teenagers

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Taking teenagers on holiday can be a challenging experience. Teenagers really want to do their own thing and usually the last thing they want to do is to spend all day, never mind a week, cooped up somewhere with their parents.

Yet, holidays with teenagers do not need to be stressful. If you choose the right kind of holiday, you can actually have a good time together, which can help you all to re-connect. Here are a few tips.

Cater for Everyone’s Needs

It is especially important with teenagers to give them plenty to do. You need to choose a holiday that allows them to do some of their favourite things.

A beach resort is a great option. They have the beach, sports, a spa, the pool and other activities to choose from and keep them busy and happy.

Good Wi-Fi

Perhaps the worst thing for a teenager is being away from their friends. Good Wi-Fi will help them to stay in touch without you facing a huge phone bill when you get home.

Opt for All Inclusive

All inclusive beach holidays are a great option if you are holidaying with teenagers. You don’t have to worry about how much they eat and drink because it is all covered by the price. If you choose a package that includes entertainment, they will have a great time. Just be sure to book into a resort that offers a kid’s club that is specifically for teenagers.

Opting for a good all-inclusive deal will also help to reduce friction. Because everything is laid on for your kids in the resort, the chances are they won’t be nagging you every five minutes to go out and spend money you may not have. If you are not having to say no all the time everyone will be much happier.

Let Them Have a Lay in

If your teenager wants to, let them stay in bed late. This may not be a good idea every day and you should make sure they get up before midday on the days that you do let them have a lay in. You don’t want them roaming the corridors in the early hours.

Remember they are on holiday too, so don’t drag them out of bed for no good reason. Let them chill and relax in the way they want to for a few days.

Sort out the Rules Before you go

Before going on holiday think about the rules that you want your kids to follow. For example, what time to be back in the room. Whether they eat all of their meals with you that sort of thing. Sit down before you go and explain any rules to them and get them to agree to them or at least grunt their acceptance. Laying out the boundaries before you go will help to reduce the number of arguments.

Our last tip is to remember that this holiday with your teenager is likely to be the last you will have with them for many years. In no time, they will be asking to stay at home or to go away with their friends, so enjoy this time with your children while you have the chance to do so.


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