Top 3 Trekking Locations in Australia

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Sometimes in life, it gets to a point when one feels like just taking a holiday and having that stretch. It turns out that this decision is as adventurous as having a dream so perfect you so wish it were true. It is a naked fact that your car cannot exactly give you that hiking experience or better yet that traversing exposure you would get by getting over that thick bush either. Well, in Australia, one does not have to worry about where to gather all this experience since the beauty brought forth by the Australian nature paves a way to your trekking zones. Follow the tips provided here to help you know those trekking locations in Australia.

Overland Track

More than 8000 walkers each year mark their experience here as they travel through this famous 65km trek. This wonderful track is located in the Cradle Mountains-Lake in St Clair National Park, Tasmania. Trekking through Overland Track would take you approximately six (6) days. As you plan for your trip to Overland Track, it would be wise to take with you some warm sleeping bag and some nice tent. The place is full of life offering everything nature has in store from waterfalls to Lakes, attractive gardens such as Leatherwood, the summit of Mount Acropolis and a much bigger list of nature’s best just for your trek in Overland Track.

The Bibbulmun Track, Western Australia

From Kalamunda, east of Perth to Albany, Bibbulmun Track stretches a long 1003.1 km. Though the Track covers quite a distance, it is indeed considered worth due to the much available adventure it has to offer. Here you will enjoy great walks through the sky-scraping karri trees in the valley of the Giants, watch migrating whales from Albany and discover what it is to have a swim in peaceful bay. The gold snake sign marking the trail is pretty long and therefore, you will need to plan your schedule properly in order to save your energy as you enjoy this long 60-days walk. Do not make a mistake of missing the Darling River; it will take your breath away.

The Heysen Trail, South Australia

The long 1200km Heysen Trail is one you ought to get ready with your hiking gear. Heysen Trail traverses along native bush-land, coastal regions, farmland and forests. In this southern Australian Trail, get a taste of wine in Borassa valley which is one of the world’s famous valleys as you enjoy the view in the grazing country. Take a hike to Deep Creek waterfall and snorkel from Boat Harbour Beach all the way down to stringy bark trees. Look out for kangaroos and the many bird species in Newland Head Conservation Park. Seals, sea eagles and whales are just for your eyes during winter season. Want to have that hard hike experience? Parachilna Gorge is just the place for this perfect hiking experience. Take note that the Trail has been designed to cater for both short walkers and those that would be aggressive enough to walk the complete trail. If you get tired and want to take a rest, there are campsites, shelters and huts in any of the historic towns along the trail.

Summary Planning for holidays for an exposure in the trekking locations in Australia can earn you a tour of your life time Keep in mind that applying for an Australian Visa is a pathway toward the realisation of this wonderful experience.

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