Top 5 Things To Do In Lisbon

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The Beauty of Portugal


Lisbon, Portugal is naturally a beautiful place. Besides the beautiful architecture, there are plenty of secrets that hide within the walls of Lisbon that can teach you a bit about their culture while giving you stories to tell!


Lisbon Art Galleries


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It’s no secret that Lisbon is known for it’s street art. For a lovely price of FREE, you can head over to the Saldahna neighborhood where you’ll be able to see monstrous building size art on the facades. Some of the most famous street artists have even graced their presence on the side of these buildings including SAM3 and BLU.


Saldahna has extremely cheap and reliable transportation and cheap accommodations. Visiting the urban street art public exhibits for a short trip on public transportation is extremely rewarding and you’ll get a taste of the beautiful culture.


These art houses feature painters in lifts painting graffiti in massive sizes across the other. If you’re in the area, you might be lucky enough to catch the artist in their natural habitat. From black and white to full color pieces spanning dozens of feet wide, you’ll be amazed at the many different types of painting genres.


Local Thieves Market





Every Tuesday and Saturday, there is something called a “Thieves Market” also known as Feira da Ladra. You can easily take the public transportation here. It’s called Thieves Market because you can get everything for a steal, including an outfit for less than 20 euros or $24 US dollars.


Located near Campo da Sta. Clara, you can also buy some priceless vintage clothing for an extremely cheap price compared to other places. From 6am to 5pm, you can visit this wonderful flea market that harbors such beautiful antiquities. The tram 28 will take you to this market and you can even visit nearby sights like Sao Vincente de Fora Church, with gorgeous tiled interior from the 16th century and the National Pantheon, which is a church that harbors some of the tombs of former Portugal presidents.



A Taste of Their Famous Drinks


Portugal is known for their wine, of course, but one of their more popular drinks also includes the Ginjunha. Lisbon specifically, is known for this delicious drink. In the suburb of Bairo Alto, if you’re an insomniac, their bars are made for you. Open after 10pm, you’ll be able to try these drinks all night long for around 8 euros.


Ginjinha is also known as Portuguese sour cherry liqueur. It’s created at out of sour cherries, 100-proof vodka, red wine, cinnamon, cloves and more. Make sure you have a designated driver or public transportation after this bar hop! Some places also serve this drink in a small chocolate cup so you can take a shot then eat the leftovers!


The very first bar establishment to feature this drink was the Praca de Sao Domingos that named the iconic drink. This drink was created by someone leaving ginja berries in a Portugese brandy called aguardente as well as sugar, water and the cinnamon, as mentioned in the recipe. As we enter the 6th generation of the drink, the production now totals up to over 150 thousand litres in a year.



Classic Option: Watch Movies!


Want to watch a movie? There are quite a few in Lisbon, Portugal that offer limited screens. Some have only one while others have 2-6, but there are plenty to visit! Some of these include Cinebolso, Sao Jorge Cinema and Cine Ideal.


Want to stay in but Netflix isn’t available in your area? Simply go on your computer or mobile device to view how you can bypass this. However, if you want to get out, there are definitely Cinemas that offer multi-language films.


Instead of movies changing every Friday or the rare Wednesday, cinemas in Portugal offer program changes every Thursday. It is also noted that children’s movies are rarely dubbed and often shown in their native tongue. Looking at the cinema guide, you’ll be able to see which movies are shown in other languages such as English.



Cupcake Tasting


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Want a sugar high? For roughly 3 euros, you can have an adorably sweet sugar high with a cupcake and free tea by the Tease Bakery. Located on Rua do Norte, these homemade cupcakes are not only delicious, but are well done with cute designs and flavors for any sugar lover.


Although, if you’d like to feel good about yourself and eat something healthy before indulging in cupcakes, you’re also able to purchase yummy salads here. While the menu is limited, if you aren’t looking for cupcakes, you aren’t looking to be at the Tease Bakery.


With all types of cake flavors and design themes, their aesthetically pleasing cupcakes will wow you for their small price that comes with a drink. Who can possibly deny delicious and inexpensive desserts in a foreign country? You’ll have a fancy story for back home!




While you can choose many sights to see for free including the urban art galleries against buildings, there are plenty off accommodating places that will allow you to eat or shop for a very little money. You can learn about the culture and beauty of Lisbon on a cheap city break.



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