Top five reasons to visit Malta this summer

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The Island of Malta is a melting pot of lifestyles, so it should come as no surprise to learn that there will be something for everyone if you’re thinking of heading there this summer. Here are just five of the reasons why you should be.


Art lovers will be spoilt for choice

Malta has a lot to offer the artistic types that find themselves on its shores. For one thing, the 2nd Annual Valletta Film festival will be taking place this year, from Friday 3rd to Saturday 11th June. This year will see over 40 international films screened in various locations, as well as film industry events, master classes and concerts.


Don’t forget to stop by the Malta International Arts Festival too. This summer will see the 11th edition take place between 8th and 18th of July, where renowned artists will put forward their work for all to see.


Musicians won’t want to leave

For musicians, there’s no better place to be this summer than at the heart of Malta’s famous Jazz Festival, as 2016 marks its 26th year. You can expect a vibrant atmosphere from the 21st to the 23rd July around the Valletta region, as well as a whole range of styles and sounds. Maltese culture likes to be inclusive, so you’ll be able to listen to classic jazz compositions as well as contemporary twists.


Foodies will fall in love

Where do you start with the culinary delights that Malta has to offer? Well, one of the oldest feasts in Maltese history is probably a good place. The National Festival of Mnarja is held every year to commemorate the two most important Saints in Maltese religious lore: St. Peter and St. Paul.


This festival is when the city of Gozo really comes alive, with traditional music, banquets of food and the very best entertainment around – a foodie heaven! You’ll also be able to take part in the Farsons Beer Festival, which sees live music and gallons of beer from around the world take centre stage in Maltese life.


It’s the perfect place for sun-seekers

For those of you seeking excitement, lively music and some sun, then be sure to head out to Ramla Bay in Gozo between 22nd and 24th July for the Sunscape festival. This is one of Europe’s most intimate outdoor island festivals, and acts as a platform for all kinds of expression.


You can expect designers, architects, artists and musicians on stage, while down at the beach you’ll find sandcastle building on a huge scale, as well as water sports and even performing arts.


Romantics can witness the best sunsets

Malta is home to one of the most romantic destinations on earth: the Blue lagoon in Comino. Think of turquoise, glass-like waters, stunning sunsets and a virtually uninhabited island to create the perfect romantic setting. This summer, take one of the tours around its caves, afterwards going snorkelling or exploring it’s many hidden coves.


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